Dez Wells Got That Work

-1everyone is talkin about ncaa pre baller wolf for dez wells today.
so much so,
he is trending on twitter.
well you know i only like to mention the best.
here is dez run down real quick…

originally from north carolina
plays college ball for the maryland terrapins
he also isn’t bad lookin either

starenot bad.
not bad at all.
he def looks like he got that work,
4real 4real.
he looks lowkey ratchet with some kind of personality.
he also got wolf swagg with the threads.
just how i like em.
good luck on your ncaa to nba journey dez.

lowkey: doesn’t dez doppleganger look like it could be video blogger,
kain carter?
7b529027c6cab8b857cd376997c603f3…or is that just me?

dez socials: twitter | instagram

Author: jamari fox

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11 thoughts on “Dez Wells Got That Work”

  1. He plain looking, but he got that wide nose that I like 😉 Plus his ass look en pointe and that body ooh wee. Like a good friend used to say when you’re unattractive on the face you better have a nice personality, beautiful body, some swag, and a big dick.

  2. Dude looks just like the guy from that series Complex staring Kal and Tariq. He doesn’t look like the rappe but the other dude

  3. I like him and yes Dez and Kain could be twins.

    When I finally visit the South, I now know which States to hit up for dem wolves thanks to this blog.

    Texas and North Carolina.

  4. Can anyone tell me why–if he claims to be straight–did he take and post a picture with the two moons of his ass prominently featured? And he has a nice ass. Why would any “straight” man take and/or post such pictures?

    1. I was noticing that, too, Dean…and was wondering who took the picture. Plus, he would have had to approve its posting.

    2. Truly straight guys don’t even think that this picture could be sexual in nature. The picture is of the needles.

      1. Old Head, C# and Jamari are probably right about the needles (I suppose Accupunture for an injury) and his not thinking about the homoerotic nature of his pic. He may be straight and totally unaware of the homoerotic quality of the picture. And since the vast majority of guys are straight, he’s probably straight. How naive can someone be? He’s young. People can be very unaware of things that they have not been told about or introduced to. But he’s a young guy and he’ll learn once the gay guys start hitting him up and asking to “tap dat ass”. I remember when I was that young and that naive. Live and learn.

  5. He’s not really attractive to me, but he SEEMS like a sweetheart. Like he would love the fuck out of a nigga. Kinda like the vibe Kerry Rhodes gives

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