Denzel Wells: The Homophobe That Might Not Be?

denzel wells.
he went on “america’s next top model” and fucked himself in the ass.
no vaseline.
tyra banks being the one to fuck him.
how ironic.
so i saw this on tumblr today and well…

“if he wins,
all my friends at home are going to think i’m in some gay thing.”.







tumblr_mgzoo4m7fn1qavzqjo1_500the look on his face was one of someone swallowing word vomit.
well you’re a model who is being dressed up to look pretty.

you aren’t exactly playing football or working on a farm.
sounds like he is the type to care what people think,
even though he does things that will cause people to “think”.
some of his videos/pics on instagram…
even the ones i saw before he erased them…
tumblr_m66x6esHML1qhyk9bthe problem with these “straight wolves” is they want to be worshiped,
especially for their looks and physicals,
but don’t realize who is actually going to do it.
they also don’t realize what this industry,
whether fashion or entertainment,
really entails once behind the scenes.

on another note,
as i try to be objective,
maybe he did feel uncomfortable by a man in heels.
denzel is from houston, texas
it isn’t exactly new yawk where we aren’t shocked out here.
just yesterday i saw a snow fox in boyfriend jeans and a handbag.
maybe that was a culture shock for him?
maybe he felt like people would assume something about his sexuality?
many straight wolves,
especially from other states,
aren’t really use to that.

we have to step out of our boxes and look at many factors.
how someone was raised.
who they hung out with.
what places they went too.
…also lets say denzel is gay,
maybe he doesn’t feel comfortable around obvious ultra-feminine men.
look i’ll be honest and say queens make me uncomfortable.
i don’t hate myself,
and i love men,
but many queens have no filter and wear invisible bullet proof vests.
they also join these she-jackals in witch hunting.
for someone who is in the closet,
he could feel like this person might out him.
someone he is not use to being around.
someone who in his city is the person you “stay away from”.

listen i’m just trying to see both sides,
but denzel needs to watch his opinions.
he doesn’t know who he might offend and trust…
we will ruin him like we have many other homophobes.
the foxhole goes deep and we don’t not play at all.tumblr_nc0ut1LSwt1r8n3ceo1_400i would hate to see ^this back home,
potential career over,
working at some cash register,
and bitter because he didn’t take something for that word vomit.
lowkey: i hope i don’t have to banish keith carlos…

vlcsnap-2014-08-20-18h59m20s54…in the near future.

Author: jamari fox

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14 thoughts on “Denzel Wells: The Homophobe That Might Not Be?”

  1. I really dont know too much about this dude other than he is a good looking bro who wants to be a model. I have seen him for a couple of years on the net but had no idea he was on this show until I seen it mentioned on the foxhole. Honestly its so many other men who look just as good on IG and Tumblr who just did not get the opportunity he did. So he is blessed to get this platform, and even being naive somethings you dont say especially around White gay dudes, because they have the luxury in America to be their true selves at all times.

    With that being said, I am not that upset about the comment because most str8 Black dudes think like this. Our culture has made gay so bad and horrible that we run from ever being labeled that even when we are gay ourselves. I have struggled with this very thing for years. I have an almost unnatural paranoia around feminine dudes if I am not in a gay setting. I avoid them like the plague in public setting like the mall etc, even if I know them, so that is one of the crosses I bare. I think a lot of good looking Black men especially str8 ones have an insecurity about how they are perceived around other dudes. Less attractive dudes always tease them and call them pretty boys etc because they are usually jealous of the natural attention they get from both females and males, so they go extra hard to deflect anything that is gay related, to prove their straightness. I am sure when he hangs with his boys from Houston they are like “Bro dont none of those faggots be trying to get at you, or you aint turning gay on us are you son” The rules are so different for the Brotha’s to abide by. I just think he slipped up. I noticed the other Brotha on stage was looking like “Pineapple you said what”. Well if he gets the boot he will still have the support of the Black females from Bossip and Mediatakeout so he can sell a calendar or be a model at the Bonner Bros. hair show.

    1. ^feelin this comment t.
      i am also the same way.
      i think many who read the foxhole.
      denzel should have kept his opinions to himself,
      especially being on a show like antm.
      plus the people he works with.
      no names given.

      its worse when its someone dl or discreet.
      just shut up.
      making comments only draws attention to your own shit.
      next thing you know,
      someone asshole is out here outing you.

  2. You wear fake beards bruh..
    I’m pretty sure a man in heels isn’t going to make them think you’re gay if those atrocious beards haven’t.

  3. Speaking as someone that’s was raised in the same town as him, he’s not the perfect picture of a ultra-masculine Houston dude himself. Even though he plays football he’d be considered “questionable”.

  4. I like Denzel, but I don’t want him to give me a reason not to. Losing to a man in heels would not have changed the perception his friends had of him. Most men probably already believe that going on the show alone makes a man gay, period. If he was worried, he should have thought about that before he decided to go on the show. Everyone knows what America’s Next Top Model is about, it is historically a show for females Denzel, not to mention that a feminine man is one of the judges who judges your performance and determines whether or not you stay or go back to Houston.

    I don’t watch the show, but I would not judge a man’s sexuality based off of him deciding to be the competition. The dude in the heels was not a shock to him, he has been in the modeling game for how long now? He has been to places such as New York, LA, and Atlanta, which are places that are populated with gay men. That was not the first time he has seen anything like that. I am uncomfortable around feminine men as well, but only because of the way they conduct themselves and the possibility of them speculating about me. However, that is my personal problem, and it would not be fair to take my energy and those feelings and shift it in another person’s direction.

    He is being roasted on his instagram page for the comment.

      1. Nah, nothing is good about this, but it may haunt him. The modeling industry is run by gays as well. I’m not mad with him. The comment was more about him and his insecurities rather than homophobic. Either way, it was not right, and it was something he should have kept to himself.

    1. No it’s not real. Judging from the pics on his gram, I think he just wears it certain photo shoots.

    2. Yeah it’s one of those beard weaves lol. The one in the video looks even worse.

  5. I can see the objective in this but the nervousness on his face said it all. He knows he fucked up…

  6. Well, didn’t he already get a role on Tyler Perry’s “If Loving You Is Wrong”? He’ll get over it and for now so should we.

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