demetrius jenkins breaks the internet with his “onlyfans”

ever so often,
an attentionisto does something that sets the whole social media on fire.
we haven’t had one of those in a hot minute.
starlin physique was a light flame.

 demetrius jenkins decided to throw his hat in the ring.

He opened an “Onlyfans”

this is what i was sent about it:

wigs and convos about coming out?
he better take that shit to “youtube“.
once he made it,
he asked his stan base if he did it right:


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Click the link in my bio 👅👅👅 i hope i did the shit right lol

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we get to see a few snippets because someone decided to upload his content.
you already knew that would happen.
do you think he did it right?…


okay demetrius.
he has a nice little bawdy so i’m here for it.
he claims he won’t put any pipe slangin’,
but as we’ve seen with how fame can become an addictive drug in 2019…

i’ll be waiting for it.

i hear they been tipping him crazy amounts of money.
i’m sure he won’t have to work if he keeps this up.
you can make bread on “onlyfans”:

So folks have to get naked and fuck in order to get support out here?


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

30 thoughts on “demetrius jenkins breaks the internet with his “onlyfans””

  1. I never understood why people are so into this man. Short, light skinned, muscled guys with tats are all over social media so I just dont get the draw. He joined the ranks of the shameless and desperate and joined onlyfans. So what? He’ll never give yall what yall want which is porn/sex. Sad thing for him is that 30 second teaser vids and R-rated content is annoying and gets old QUICK for people paying a subscription. Peoples attention spans for attentionistos is short and its plenty other busting it open on the same platform. He better get with the program.

    1. If he wants to be a sex worker, that doesn’t make him shameless and desperate. Ppl are out here cashing out on OF. It’s no different than any other business. Supply and demand.

    2. …and his face is old as fuck. All of that exercising has depleted him of his healthy facial fats. This one is what? 24? 25? And with crows feet already. He looks like Scrat from Ice Age.

      1. That’s what I said. He’s short with skinny little legs and his face looks like he’s 60 years old. I don’t get it.

  2. I have a love jones for this man. Ugh I wish he wasnt an attentionisto but the man in my bed I come home too. Smh but in reality, I’ll be happily looking for all content he posts online for free.99 yassuh! Let me play Beyoncé suga momma because if he needed coins I could have worked something out with him.

    I knew he had a phat dick, that girth looking all kinds of right! I wonder if the head is plump and just protruding. Oooo! That body tight with an ass you can just eat. Yes yes yes! I’m horny as hell ooo!

    Oh and he can keep that wig shit. I’m so over dudes thinking that is funny when it’s super lame.

  3. Yes good for him but it’s only a matter of time before he is spreading his cheeks for tips I mean it’s the whole purpose any way but who needs strippers or porn any more just go to only fans and see it all but I do feel for some guys got to bare it all to make a buck I guess “

  4. Onlyfans was more like Patreon, where you supported people for their real artistic merits whether that be writers, vloggers, singers, artists…etc.

    Just like everything that gains popularity, the sex workers slide in and take over. They infiltrated Instagram, SnapChat, Facebook and beyond. Onlyfans doesn’t have the bans on adult content like SnapChat or Instagram so the digital escorts flourish there.

    For the most part I don’t care. As long as it’s not hateful or child pornography.

    One part of me sees the hustle they do, cool, while the more critical Jammy blinks at the trashcan fantasy content that comes out of this.

    I’m sorry, but if I’m going to pay for content, it is going to be quality content. I don’t support half assed content because it pacifies the creator into doing more half assed content. No.

    Even if it’s $9.99. I am not paying that to watch you clean your ass or grind your dick or ass in front of the camera. I can see all that on Pornhub for FREE! (I’m looking at you, straight male performers)

    I won’t support straight men’s Onlyfans that market to gay men because I believe for the most part they are getting over. If I’m gay and paying to see you do stuff, I would expect exclusive gay content. You jacking off in front of your phone is boring. I can go see the same on Xtube, Xvideos or Pornhub for FREE. Come with something new. You need to be smashing some ass or something cause I aint trying to see you get up in no pussy. You want my money, you need to meet me on my terms, period. I mean how hard is that to grasp?

    Same for gay men as well, you try to get over with previews and shit not gonna fly.

    The business model of Onlyfans is successful because they market to only fools.

    You want me to subscribe to your channel for $9.99 with pretty much the same content on your social media page then pay 3* more for private videos. Content that will be ripped and posted on other websites for free? Then you post teaser clips that allude to something that turns out to be a 3-5 minute video of you jerking off and showing your asshole while looking bored or watching straight porn on your phone. Sorry, Timmy..I ain’t that dehydrated for dick.

    Like that’s just f**king

    On a good note, there are notable Onlyfans People who are making a business model out of it.

    How TF did this post get so long…Dammit! I told myself I was gonna stop it.

    It’s time for me to start blogging. Usually every post I do, I save it and I need to start my adult blog and just post that shit and monetize it.

    Also, is that chick really making that much money off just some damn pics.. I might need to rethink some thangs..🧐

    Do I need to tell bae I’m about to drop it like it’s hot for $9.99. BITCH, that’s vacation money. You know I wanna be on a beach with Designer shades in full melanin mode all year round…$7,000..🤯

    1. WELL said buddy…GTFOH with their damn lame ass content. Reminds me of the famous Marshall Price who as you know was so upset when Jamari posted about him YET that HOE is marketing his shit to gay people all over, showing his ass and dick on his OnlyFans and YET he’s supposed to be not gay..GTFOH HOE , you ain’t gonna get my money. What have you got that I don’t? Those fools you talk about- yup, those fools make other fools happy!!

    2. “I won’t support straight men’s Onlyfans that market to gay men because I believe for the most part they are getting over. If I’m gay and paying to see you do stuff, I would expect exclusive gay content. You jacking off in front of your phone is boring. I can go see the same on Xtube, Xvideos or Pornhub for FREE. Come with something new. You need to be smashing some ass or something cause I aint trying to see you get up in no pussy. You want my money, you need to meet me on my terms, period. I mean how hard is that to grasp?”

      Amen!! I don’t pay for any content but fuck that jacking off shit, if you aren’t FUCKING, you will never get my dime!

      Those 20/30 second teasers that these dudes post on twitter is usually ALL I need to get my nut LOL. I’m not going to pay for a 5 minute video of you doing the same thing.

    3. Exactly….im tired of these pages only showing us vids of their holes or vids of them jerking off. If youre not tucking, we dont want it!!

  5. Also, isnt this the same dude who did the post on Twitter about him not wanting to date feminine dudes? He said if he with a female he is on control but when he with a dude, he want the dude to be the nigga. So in other words..he just a bottom but don’t wanna admit he a bottom? Correct?


    This is the same guy right?

      1. He does have a nice ass though. I wonder why he couldn’t look in the camera. Maybe he is a lil ashamed he takes dick? I think it’s kinda sexy hearing these rough, tough men moan & groan while getting fucked.

        I wanna see how he handles the pipe.

  6. I knew better than to subscribe right away. My first thought was, “uhh, he live at home? How he gonna do vids?”

    btw, yeah free porn is out there, but some of these mf be putting in work for $9.99 and it’s worth it!

    Most are duds tho

  7. Good marketing asset!! Now, how much will it cost to see some of those private sessions. Hell soon I might be able to have him at my door step.

  8. DWRCL… umm so ;et me get this straight… HIS dick any special than anyone else? Does HIS dick have a gold tip, does ivory cream comes from his dick and not sperm? DWRCL.. you know this is what social media does to people, it turns them into Assholes of the worst kind and the enablers are the ones responsible for this. WHO THE FUCK cares about his dick? I can answer that..plenty people that have no life, no sex life, no values so they just fork out money to his ass making him feel special.

    REALLY?? Negro please.

    1. This is so true but you know some folks like the fantasy and the teasing giving just a little leaving them to fantasize must strippers fi it all the time

  9. I feel like the lane he should be starting is maybe youtube or some sort of vlog series. OnlyFans is so synonymous with amateur porn now that’s it would be hard to take non porn content seriously especially if your paying for. Why not take those honest conversations and apply it to a day in the day life. Fitness, dating men and woman and having honest dialogues about coming to grips with sexuality. Lets see some of your other fine bisexual or gay friends. How them DMs are popping off with all the celebs or insta famous people since you publicly came out. Shit being in the military and being out. Storytimes and dating. The LBGTQIA community could always use some more positive brand building. He could really be like the champion of the bisexual community if he marketed this right and still monetize it.

    1. When I tell y’all I hate Jammy 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

      But don’t you think we’re being too hard on Demetrius? I’ve never seen him to be a problematic person, seems like there is depth to his personality (somewhat), and he admitted to actually liking other men in an intimate manner. How many other attentionistos are attracted to the same sex and acting like they aren’t? How many attentionistos pander to the gay community with thier onlyfans and etc., knowing full well they don’t give a fuck about our forest? You could be putting bread in their pocket and they wouldn’t even give u a dap if you saw them in public. Demetrius is good in my book. I do agree with Jay when he says that maybe the ideal platform he is looking for is Patreon? But that’s less of a draw than saying he’s opening up an Onlyfans, so I def get it. I also agree that he looked uncomfortable in the video maybe because he is. A personal problem I’m running into is that I’m genuinely looking to diversify my workouts at the gym and I look to these muscled guys for inspiration and but thier jerking off, having sex, etc. like you can do all that, but can you show me proper form for my deadlifts too? Please? LOL

      I also wanna say that I just love how some ppl on Twitter and on here are condemning him for his masc/fem comments when the only difference between others and Demetrius saying it is they don’t have the body he does and they weren’t in front of a camcorder. We gotta get these heteronormative viewpoints the FUCK. ASAP. Topping or bottoming doesn’t make you more or less of a man, it makes you a fool for not being brave enough to utitilize all of your utilities. 😉

    2. These are all really good ideas and they suit him better too especially since he ain’t trying to show the dick. I mean who is trying to pay to see him have heart to hearts with his daddy.

  10. Guilty confession: I wanna see him bottom. I think it’s hot (even though he looked uncomfortable and danced around the idea) in his video when he says he only wants the D.

    He said, “I don’t want no feminine assed dude, No offense. I can get a female.”

    “When I’m with a female. I’m the one in control…”

    “When I’m with a nigga, I want that nigga to be the nigga.”

    He said he hasn’t much experience with messing with dudes, unlike most of us, so he need to realize there is a thing as a feminine top…I mean he is a masculine bottom. On our side of the world, anyone can be a top and a bottom.

    I wish his prostate well!

    I think him being a bisexual bottom is fine. Maybe, this will serve those “straight” men that want women to put on strap on realize that: You know want a dick in yo ass. stop saying you 100% straight and embrace the peen…fool. 🤪

    No lie, when I was in my teens, I was for sure that every man that had muscles was a Top and if he crossed over to “experiment” he was still going to be a Top. I was new so forgive my ignorance.

    Most of them wolves be bottoms or at best verse (bottom). Muscles and hardcore attitudes don’t fool me in the slightest.

    As soon as they finish half way fuking you, they gonna turn and bend over so quick .lol

  11. Honestly, I am not into him at all anymore. I find him to be too corny like some of the rest and he is a tad thirsty. Him being a bisexual bottom is not even a surprise, but he basically talked in circles without saying it directly, so he is not very comfortable in his role.

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