my truth: it’s not my fault that you like to suck d!ck

I should have titled this entry,
Addressing the drama…“,
like I was a YT influencer lol.

around this time last week,
i was given a story that ended up going left.
real left.
so far left,
the whole car is in a swamp.

it involved an attentionosto that i wasn’t too familiar with.
truth: i had to google him last week to remind myself of who he was.
i’ve never fonted about him nor has The Foxholer ever sent him in as a feature.

I knew nothing about his life until this time last week.

so when i posted a video,
which looked like an onlyfans clip if i’m being honest,
and i can’t even say alleged since hit animals definitely barked the loudest,

all hell broke loose and i lost my patreon because of it.
it has left me feeling all the things but i woke up out my sleep with the urge for closure.

this is my truth

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the hits keep coming for diddy, eh?

it’s going to be hard to get rid of diddy.
there will be a war against the jackals for him.
they took r. kelly but they won’t take diddy too!
i was just listening to the lox’s first album today.

Diddy was all over that.

he is all over mary.
he is all over kim.
he is all over big.
he is all over the 90s.
diddy is responsible for our millennial classics,
if you grew up on the east coast.
summertime was usually when bad boy ruled supreme.
his music is associated with a lot of childhood memories for me.
you can’t font that he didn’t make hits.
his latest hit is his rape of ( x alleged 17 year old with 3 others ).
rolling stone is on his ass so you know it’s not looking good.
his response too all this drama he is in was interesting

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snatched bald and no castor oil for regrowth

one thing The Foxhole knows very well is loss.
from the time we have started this adventure together in 2009,
we have all experienced loss in some way,
whether on the platform or in our personal lives.

You were with me when Star Fox was murdered and taken from me.
You were with me during the entire WW saga
Remember when we transitioned from a “.com” to a “.org”?

“it’s been the best of times; it’s been the…”
you know the rest.

we are at another loss again…

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the bb sub, his dom daddy, and the kind of sh*t they’re into

i have said before that i’m open to dating white wolves.
they aren’t my first choice but if i met one who looked like this:


without the drinking and shenanigans,
i’ll be off the market.
a foxholer sent me two images of bbredhawk.
he is a sub who has two dom daddies.
you’re probably like,
this is what he is into…

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aaron drew shows us the faces of domestic violence

one of my biggest fears use to be getting abused.
i knew i wasn’t strong and would probably go back if i really loved him.
thank God i got my tail in therapy to work those kinks out.

Abuse isn’t just physical.
and emotional black eyes hurt just as worse.

i am very sensitive to seeing  abuse.
there was a scene in the players club as a kid that traumatized me.
it was a vixen getting raped and beat up but behind a door.
( x it was this scene here )
i never watched this movie again off this scene alone.
a foxholer sent me the IG of aaron drew tonight.
aaron documented his abuse and this is very trigger warning ahead

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there is no HR department in the entertainment industry

when you get into the entertainment industry,
you are going in there solo dolo.
there is no one to call when you are being sexually harassed,
or being told you have to exchange sexual favors on the casting couch.
there are many who live in shame after things they’ve done/experienced.
this is why there is so much drug and alcohol abuse.
they do those things help them forget.
¬†have your shit together before you enter that jungle because…

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