antonio brown claims he ran keke palmer like the olympics?

ex nfl baller wolf-turned-jackal,
antonio brown,
use to crack me up on snap because of ^this look.
he would always look in the camera like ^that.
it was so bizarre to see because it happened every time.
hollywood and sports come together on quite a few occasions.
they cum together as well.
antonio is allegeding he use to cum with keke palmer.
so much so…

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cam’ron and mase remember the time they ran a train on a hoe

“young” cam.
“357” cam.
“horse and carriage” cam.
“hey ma” cam.
“pink panther” cam.
cam’ron is fine AF and i know he got a lot of sex cause of it.
so the following bonding moment with mase,
who he grew up with,
i totally get it.
they were on the basketball team together too?
forget it.

on their podcast,
it is what it is
they were strolling down memory lane over good times.
when they use to gang bang hoes together…

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austin dunham tells straights to get gay friends to get more pu$$y

as a gay male,
i know a lot of pretty vixens.
i naturally attract vixens to me and we become great friends.
i was just having a conversation with one of my pretty friends yesterday.
one of my straight friends wanted to be hooked up but i blocked that:

austin dunham,
was real sexy to me when he was silent.
i loved that one video where he was putting on a dress shirt.
he is a “men’s dating and self improvement” coach now.
he is telling straight males why they should have gay friends

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melissa barrera might win off the emotions of others?

i have learned the difference between emotions and logic.
emotions don’t allow us to play the long game.
it’s like pulling out a gun and shooting everyone but the target.
when we go into things with logic,
we are more than likely to see the bigger picture.

I use to be run by emotions but I’m learning to calm TF down.

some issues can be handled seeing it logically.
with this current war between isreal and palestine,
i learned that as a black person giving an opinion,
it’s a “damned if you do; damned if you don’t“.
i see why many black folks are just minding their business.
melissa barrera ( x got fired ) from one of my favorite horror franchises,
i don’t think spyglass,
the production company behind scream,
was thinking through this clearly cause

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cassie is wrong and diddy is right

cassie settled her lawsuit with diddy today.
it literally took a new york minute.
it wasn’t even 24 hours before they reached an agreement.
( x see it here )
this whole situation shook the internet tbh.
so much so,
it lodged many alleged secrets from diddy too.
i know he hates that trump didn’t destroy tiktok.
i’m glad they figured this out but i noticed something

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cassie said she is going to have the biggest bombshell of 2023

 i always felt sorry for cassie.
i always felt her light got smaller and smaller with diddy.
i don’t think she fully realized what she was getting into with him.

Some people think they want something but don’t realize it comes with a lot.

we hear rumors but everyone thinks they will be different.
diddy has had a lot of rumors over alleged abuse with his partners.
we often turn the other cheek because,
diddy is part of black royalty.
he is a staple in many of our childhoods with his productions.
it seems like many of our black royals are being exposed these days.
cassie done blew the lid off 2023 with this bombshell…

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