The Singer Wolf, His Taste for Bunz, and Possible Exposure?

rnbwolfsingerhmmonce upon a time,
in a state far far away,
there was an up and coming r & b singer wolf by the name of mister sing your drawz off.
now mister sing your drawz off was quite handsome.
while he was getting his career together on one side,
he was addicted to the taste of honey bunz on the other side of his bed.
now wait.
don’t you go thinkin’ he has fully crossed over.
not at all.
he also likes pussy platter on fleek.
well he was getting into the bunz of another r n b singer fox.
it ended up being a relationship after a while.
in doing that,
he was also smashin’ an up and coming rapper fox on the side.
mister sing your drawz off was a busy wolf.
well one faithful day…
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That One Time At The Sex Party (1)

tumblr_n0p2oylRfn1t7lixko1_500blind item from the foxwire
re-written by i,
that is me,
jamari fox

lets take a trip with him last week to atlanta.
we are gong with the reader who sent in the tip.
come on.
don’t be scared.
we are going somewhere fun.
it’s naughty.
so we walk up the door.
we are told that we have to leave everything we came with.
only our privates and memories will be allowed inside.
once we walk in,
we smell the aroma of fresh sweat funk.
the sounds of moaning and satisfaction.
we are at a sex party.
again don’t be scared.
so as the reader is walking around,
who does he see…
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