f0xmail: When A Big Butt Has A lot of S__t Behind It

Drop_Canopy_Blindfoldedalleged shit.
so as you know,

i have a f-bi that spans the entire united states.
we are in locker rooms,
the scenes,
at the clubs,
and in the classrooms.
hell the foxhole is also international!
well i got an interesting f0xmail today about a popular attentionisto.
as always,
f0xmails are “alleged” until proven otherwise.
so that means don’t come attacking me.
i didn’t write it.
anyway check the following…
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Bibles and Butt Sex: The Alleged Tale of Another Gay Pastor

tumblr_n5yjcheqDx1qg868wo1_500another pastor outed for suspect behavior in someone’s pool pit?
absolute shocker!
well i got the following fox wire and it is all ALLEGED.
okay so check this out…
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Travis Cure May Have Found A New Church Home

Screen Shot 2015-11-07 at 5.00.20 PMtravis cure.
i want to say “yum”,
anyway we haven’t talked about him in a while.
the last time the foxhole was updated,
it was told to us that travis had an alleged gift that always gives.
his peen allegedly turns into a crunch bar on occasion.
well an f-bi sent me this foxwire and well…
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The Blind Leading The Foxhole

tumblr_mztzap5D5I1s8zvkoo1_500well an f-bi sent me 3 blind items for the foxhole.
i know how much you love these.
check em out…
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BOTTOMS UP To This Blind Item

tumblr_nsoaiaGNLd1sd2ieco1_500i wonder how he likes it?
maybe we can share stories…
so as i was catching up on the first season of “gotham”,
an f-bi sent me this blind item that was pretty obvious.
well i think it is…
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wolfwire: Look At My Family Friend That Is Going To Be On TV!

HIS-USA-CARE-37so i got a package from the wolfwire today.
this is what was said when i unwrapped it:

My family friend Kevin Savage has been grinding for years in Philly doing modeling shows, plays, music performances and everything and he always wanted to be an actor. he’s always been kind, nice and respectful and is one of the most humble individuals you’ll ever meet.¬† So first he made a name for himself locally¬† at home and then in 2012 he moved to the ATL. His career is going far. Tomorrow night he makes his debut on the the show ‘The Originals’ as a character named Jerick. Check him out it’s coming on at 8 on the CW. SN he’s tall dark and handsome, i think yall might love him lol but i think of him as a big cousin lol


sounds good.
well lets open up kevin savage’s package,
shall we?…
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