Travis Cure May Have Found A New Church Home

Screen Shot 2015-11-07 at 5.00.20 PMtravis cure.
i want to say “yum”,
anyway we haven’t talked about him in a while.
the last time the foxhole was updated,
it was told to us that travis had an alleged gift that always gives.
his peen allegedly turns into a crunch bar on occasion.
well an f-bi sent me this foxwire and well…


One of our favorites is back at it. This time he has his eyes (and alleged dirty dick) set on Atlanta’s own, Gospel radio host, Darlene McCoy. This past Halloween Darlene celebrated her 44th birthday and Travis was her very special guest at her private party. As you can see they were very boo’d up all evening. imageThe recently divorced mother of 3 has been dating Travis on and off for several months now. So, Darlene just got promoted to her own syndicated nightly show and Traivs is a broke father of 3 with 3 baby mamas. You do the math! I hate to be skeptical, they might just make a lovely couple, but I doubt it. Jesus be some Valtrex!
gospel radio host?
fine wolf lookin’ for a home?
divorced and in need of a sexy rebound?
33a6k94i’m sure he is smashin’ her brains out in the name of jesus.
she all glowin’ and shit.
they may just be a happy couple or she wearin’ his pipe out.
hell it maybe a scheme until his next alleged come up.
i hope she isn’t one of those lonely church vixens.
you know the types.
they prayed every night for a wolf to “cum” in their life.
they end up fallin for the okey doke for consistent dick downs.
its even worse when he looks like this:
Screen Shot 2015-11-07 at 5.11.31 PMoh yeah.
lets pray for that vixen.
lowkey: she has 3 cubs and so does he.
sounds like a perfect match!

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8 thoughts on “Travis Cure May Have Found A New Church Home

  1. Well…after a good bath….and do him round the 12th of the month…not the 1st and not the 15th…

  2. Well good for her I guess a lot of these older lady young man relationships don’t work out but hey more power to her. I guess the ding dong is great.

      1. I hope his don’t give her std if that true. He is wasting a good dick on a woman he using her for money these relationship with older women and younger men don’t last long look what happen to vivica a fox

  3. i want him…i’m like whitney houston :I need to see the receipts about his STD status)…but again i wouldn’t be surprised. To be effectively tested for herpes a blood test is the best it can diagnose you even if you dont have symptoms. About 1 out of 5 people in the United States has genital herpes.That’s more than 50 million people in the United States who have genital herpes. 85% of people with genital herpes don’t know they have it.That’s 42 million Americans who are unaware they have genital herpes.

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