Sam Smith Remakes Whitney and Amy For Us

tumblr_m2ixjymIcA1r7r8e0o1_1280one of my favorite songs from the late whitney houston is “how will i know”.
that song is on the soundtrack to my life.
  honorable mention: “just the lonely talking”.
well sam smith,
another artist i love,
re-released his emo-inspiring album,
“in the lonely hour”.
he decided to title it,
“in the lonely hour: drowning sorrows edition”.
definitely what i need as i play “call of duty” this weekend.
well he attempted a remake of “how will i know” and well…

compared to the original:

sam definitely wants me to sit on the edge of my bed and weep.
nothing will compare to the original by whitney.
good effort tho sam!
he also remade the late amy winehouse,
“love is a losing game”,
for the re-release as well:

 compared to the original:

but good effort sam!
“in the lonely hour: drowning sorrows edition” is out now.
its like 5 new songs and the 3 remixes to his singles.

7 thoughts on “Sam Smith Remakes Whitney and Amy For Us

  1. Does Sam sing any of his own original songs. And can he do some male vocalist remakes instead of all the DIVAs

  2. I, for the life of me, cant understand why all this british artists are making all this doom and gloom music. Bad enough we’re going to subject to the Dark Cloud that is an Adele album for the next year, now Sam decides to suck the life and joy out of a lively and upbeat Whitney classic. its a chop for me.

  3. I hare that these white artists do soul/rnb. Flop. Flop. Flop. Boy George did his thing and well. This just mskes me want to go the original.

  4. Was not feeling the Whitney remake at all, some songs are not good with the slow treatment, dang every time I see a young Whitney Houston, my heart sinks, and after three years, I still dont believe she is gone, I remember seeing her when she first started out and to see how it ended still makes me sad. Now that Amy Winehouse remake was the $hit, he knocked that out of the park, I am going to find this and buy it today. Him an Amy could have made beautiful music together, another great talent gone too soon. It is cloudy in my city and overcast today, I better stop before I am ready to jump off my balcony, this music fits too good for a day like this.

  5. Oh how I miss Whitney I was listening to her this morning. He did good I liked what he did with it but of course hers will always be my favorite and a classic same thing with Amy.

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