Travis Cure May Have Found A New Church Home

Screen Shot 2015-11-07 at 5.00.20 PMtravis cure.
i want to say “yum”,
anyway we haven’t talked about him in a while.
the last time the foxhole was updated,
it was told to us that travis had an alleged gift that always gives.
his peen allegedly turns into a crunch bar on occasion.
well an f-bi sent me this foxwire and well…
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BOTTOMS UP To This Blind Item

tumblr_nsoaiaGNLd1sd2ieco1_500i wonder how he likes it?
maybe we can share stories…
so as i was catching up on the first season of “gotham”,
an f-bi sent me this blind item that was pretty obvious.
well i think it is…
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The Rumor Is He Gets Down (and I’m Trying To Get Some)


everyone likes a good piece of gossip.
don’t act like you don’t.
i know i do.
i ain’t gotta lie.
i’m a sucker for the “such and such gets down” gossip.
also the: “he is d/l and he fucked me so good my toes curled”.
guilty as charged.
for those of us who put online dating on hiatus,
the new way we try and meet potentials is through “the fox wire”.

the fox wire (n): an amazing confidential place where members of the foxhole trade information

we hear about “such and such” being a wolf,
how his pipe rattled a rib cage,
and all the other dirt to make us go buy a couple bottles of fleet.
is this the new way to date?
i had to wonder…

Is “word or mouth” the new informational highway?

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