Liars, Tigers, and Bears

I’m scared of Liars, Tigers, and Bears.

I will admit it.
All 3 of them can hurt you in some way.
The first one is the worst one of them all.
Got you looking like an pure idiot and not telling you.

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Crazy Ex Boyfriend

the man of your dreams…

(I mean he is fine, loves you, and spoiled the HELL out of you +
the dick had you seeing black because your eyes were always
rolling inside your head)

that you have been dating for a while
dumps you….

You decided to become the crazy ex boyfriend from hell.

Calling and hanging up.
Spray painting cars and busting windows.
Outing his ass (I couldn’t resist…)
Rounding up your squad to go beat down any new love interests in his life.

Ima need you to SIT DOWN.
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The Outing Of A Black Male Celebrity.

Now this has been on my heart HEAVY.
I need to get this off my chest because I feel like I will explode if I don’t.

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