Damn, People Keep Stealin’ Dee’s Pictures

Screen Shot 2014-02-20 at 5.27.04 PMso if you see this picture on a gay sex site,
or even these
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Carmelo Anthony Is A Lookin Ass (You Get The Idea)

CRMELOANTcarmelo anthony is looking better these days.
i was surprised how much weight he has lost when i saw him at all star.
he is lookin’ less” ninja turtle” in the face.
the facial hair helps too.
go melo.
anyway so everyone is talkin’ about carmelo today.
he played against the memphis grizzles last night and this happened…
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Trey Songz Ate Everything Off The Plate (See!)

1622859_10152072255084934_1886727381_n-1good boy.
i could do without the “miley cyrus tongue” face trey.

well at least his looks clean.
so do you want us to fuck you or give you a throat culture?
i’m confused.
the meat looks like it’s hanging just right tho.
i’m not confused about that.

lowkey: i guess he stopped working out?

Paul George Will Be Performing At The 2014 NBA Allstar!

Bgjj0FsIgAA8jHYso i just heard,
but it hasn’t been confirmed yet.
paul george and his band will be performing “la cucaracha” at halftime.
take a look at his band of hombres…
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Malcolm X Family Is Not Happy With Nicki Minaj

nicki7everyone is coming for nicki minaj and her sassy kanekalon jumbo ponytail.
the family of malcom x is not feeling that single cover for “lookin ass n*gga”.
they recently spoke out about it…
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“Drunk In Barrel”

tumblr_static_bbanner2beyonce sure knows how to make the “inner sasha fierce” cum up out these dudes.
take this one for example.
he wanted to recreate the “drunk in love” video.
he came with costume,
and choreography

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