If It’s Broke, Well Then Cum Fix It (Season Finale)

FINISH“blarggggg ughhh mmmm!.”

is this bitch that drunk?
well that was a stupid question.
i knew she was gone when she got up on derrick’s white piano,
started to awkwardly twerk,
and sing that one miley cyrus song at the top of her lungs.
now she was laid out on his couch,
legs all open,
and clutching the henny bottle for dear life.
that brown likka would do it to ya.
it will have you throwing up your guts as well as your secrets.
i’m just glad she stopped embarrassing me.
i didn’t want derrick to think we were two peas in a pod.
she was definitely a potato at this point.

“damn she is that fucked up.” he said,
putting her hair back over her face.

“i guess she couldn’t handle her liquor.”

“you could though.”

i knew better.
my mama raised me right.
plus i didn’t want to hear about all my antics tomorrow at work.
with someone like jasmine ready to tell all for fame,
i couldn’t risk it.

“so let me ask you something…” he said,
sitting back and staring directly at me.

uh oh.
i know what that means.

“…are you,
and don’t be offended…”

“yup it was coming in 5, 4, 3..” i said to myself,
trying to keep my poker face on.

“…gay?” he asked hesitantly.

i knew it.
my mysterious nature always leaves a question mark on my head.
people always asked me how i roll.
i never brag about who i fuck like most dudes out here.
whenever i go to the straight club,
i usually sit in vip and people watch.
sometimes i’ll dance with a chick; sometimes i don’t.
sometimes i would answer this question; others times i won’t.
this is different tho.
this is a fine ass football player and it may lead to something.

“who wants to know?” i replied coyly.

good answer jamari.
great answer actually.
a question with a question.
top that!

“nah just wondering that’s all.” he replied,
looking away.

“no one asks a question like that for no reason.”

you could literally hear a mouse squeak down the street.
a pin drop in the house next door.
a bear shit in woods.
you get the idea.
the awkward silence was killin’ me.
it was too painful.

“you a funny dude yo.
you know i sing, right?
you think your big time pr agency could help me get a record deal?”

“i’m sure we could.
now wait because sports stars think they have some kind of talent outside playing sports.
i’m here to tell them they’re usually terrible.”

“nah you right,
but i can really sing.
like no jokes.”

“prove it.”

“well come on then.”

as we walked down this massive hallway,
we ended up in a dark room at the end.
when he turned on the lights,
we were in a recording studio.

“oh wow.” i said,
admiring the red and black detailing.

he looked proud.
lets hope he can actually sing and he didn’t waste his time bringing me in here.
when he sat behind the control surface,
he pressed a button and this smooth r&b beat started to play.
following it was some brief harmonizing.
none of which required an ounce of auto tune.
soon after that,
i heard this smooth velvety voice come out of nowhere.
it sounded like him.

“a nigga just wants to be loveee…
a nigga just wants some good loveee..”

it actually sounded good,
but you know how that goes though.
anyone can sound amazing with pro tools.
we sat and listened as he bobbed his head to what he was hearing.
his face looked serious,
but he looked satisfied with the results.
after the song finished,
he looked at me for my approval.

“wow derrick that was actually not bad.”


“my only critique would be to kill the over use of the word nigga.
you don’t want to send the wrong message.”

“oh that i’m some hood nigga to the white people?”


well he did have a hoodish streak to him.
it wasn’t like he was carlton from the fresh prince of bel air.
you can tell he runs in these streets just by his swagg.
a swagg that lowkey drove me crazy.

“so are you a studio singer or can you really blow?” i asked,
looking at him fiddling with some buttons.

“oh you still don’t believe me?” he said
, looking at me with his mouth playfully screwed up.

god he has nice lips.
they arch just perfectly.

“no i do,
but people need to know if you can really sing.
 that actually sounded real good so i’m curious.”

“okay i’m going to sing a song to you then.

“okay.” i said,
giving him my entire focus.

we locked eyes and then he started singing r kelly’s,
“down low”.
that velvety voice filled the room with the quickness.
he sounded just like he did on his own record.
i’m more stuck on the song choice.
“down low”?
was he trying to tell me something?
suddenly he started getting closer and his hands landed on my thighs.
he was trying to tell me something.
at this point he was in my face really singing.
that’s when it happened.
i don’t know if it was the panty soaking singing voice,
the brief liquid courage i had in my system or what,
but i kissed him.
i literally felt my body push forward.
we kissed for a couple of seconds and then he pulled away.
god what have i done?
did i just fuck up my entire reputation on this studio?
was he about to beat my ass?
he is kinda big.

“i’m sorry derrick.
i really don’t know what just came over me.”

he looked at me without saying anything.
i felt like i was about to throw up.
maybe if i collapse,
i could blame it on the alcohol?
jamie foxx did say we could use that excuse.
suddenly he grabbed me by the back of my neck and placed his mouth on mine.
we kissed like we been waiting to do that forever.
at this point,
i made it my effort to do something i been wanting to do.
take both my hands and rub it on his chest.
even though he was wearing a wife beater underneath his open shirt,
i could feel the tightness of his sculpted body underneath.
it turned me so much i nearly pre-came.

“lets fuck.” he whispered in my ear as he sucked on my earlobe.

so its gonna go down like this?
well i can dig it.
thats how it usually goes with the down low dudes anyway.
i want it so why not?
jasmine was still down the hall in the other room.
that made me nervous.
god forbid she woke up and saw alla this happening.

“…but jasmine?” i said,
voice shaking.
not from being scared,
but from feeling his mouth all over my neck.

“fuck jasmine.
you got me so horny.
lemme beat.”

before i could say anything,
he got up and left the studio.
i felt so nervous.
two reasons.
i was getting kissed on by a football player.
this is derrick lampton for god sakes.
one of my dreams of being with a baller is actually coming true.
the other reason was i was really scared to get caught.
i know that i didn’t want “whatever” was happening to stop tho.
shit like this just don’t happen.
this ain’t no everyday shit.
if he never called me again,
i wouldn’t feel bad.
i got the exclusive pipe and i can die happy thereafter.

when he came back about 15 minutes later,
he closed the door behind him.
in his hand was a lifestyles condom and some lube.
i see he has done this before.

“she snoring.
mad hard.
i turned the light off and put a blanket over her.
we good.
now come here.” he said.

he pulled his dress shirt off and threw it on the leather couch next to him.
i got up and he grabbed me by my shirt.
he started to pull my pants and my boxers off.
he wanted me and that felt good.
being wanted,
like you want the other person,
is the sexiest feeling ever.
i felt like i was putty in his hands.
i wanted to drip all over him.
he stood up and kissed me,
rubbing his hands all over my plump ass.

“you been want this dick?” he asked,
giving me a small spank.

“hell yeah!” i said in this “trying to be smooth jigga” voice,
and not the real “high pitched” voice because his lips were on my neck.

he inserted one of his well manicured lubed fingers into my tight booty hole.
i winced a little,
but he was gentle.

“damn nice and tight.
just how i like it.”

i wonder just how much guys has been with before?
he seems like this comes natural to him.
hell i think way to much.
i ran my hands down his crotch to grab his meat.
it felt pretty thick.
i hope he knew how to use it.

“oh shit.
well look at you getting open.
you was acting all scared before.” he said, looking at me and smiling.

he bent me over the chair he was sitting in and started to attack my hole with his mouth.
i tried to moan as soft as i could.
i really wanted to moan a lot,
but i didn’t want to create a scene.
although i know when he stuck his dick in me,
i was really going to act a fool.

“let me hear you moan for daddy.” he asked.

i hesitated.

“man i told you she sleep.
let me hear it.”

i let out a soft moan.

“naw that ain’t how i like it.” he demanded,
slapping me harder on my ass.

well shit that hurt.
well he wanted me to moan so i gave him a loud one.

“that’s better.”

i could hear the condom starting to unwrap.

“stand up.
i really want you to moan for daddy.
i want you to moan as loud as you want,” he said.

as i stood up,
he led me into the recording part of the studio.
inside was a dimly lit padded room,
a stool,
and an adjustable mic that hung from the ceiling.
there was also a glass where you could see into the room.
the room was completely sound proof.
oh this was going to be real interesting.

“bend over that stool for me,” he said,
pulling his dress pants down to his ankles.

i was in nothing but my t shirt in here.
he was still wearing his wife beater.
he pushed the mic out the way,
got behind me,
and started to lube up his dick.
it took a few “loosening up” techniques,
but once my hungry hole was ready,
it completely swallowed his dick.

twenty minutes later,
derrick was working the fuck out my ass.
he was literally pounding my brains out.
all i could do was moan like i was being murdered.
only in the good way.
i thought i was going to fall off the stool.
i had to spread both my arms out to press against the walls.
he had me running like i was on the 50 yard line.
his offense was clearly beating my defense.

“where you running to?
come on.
take it.
you said you wanted it, right?”

i tried to talk,
but it all came out like gibberish.
he grabbed both my arms and used them to go inside me deep.
at one point,
he was fuckin me so hard,
you could hear an echo inside the room.

“damn derrick wait shit man!
you goin a little too crazy in my ass.”
i said.

it was kinda hurting.
he was fucking me like i imagined a baller would.
going hard like he does on the field.
he realized he was hurting me and went slow.
he spread my ass cheeks apart so he could slide in and out with ease.
i can easily say that this was the best dick i’ve had so far.
he definitely out-beat the reigning champion,
“hood rat”.

“stand up,” he said.

derrick proceeded to pick my little ass up like it was nothing.
i mean the man does play football.
he held me up by my ass and started to bang me in the air.
between trying to hold on to him,
push the mic from slapping me in my head,
and moaning for dear life so he knows it’s real,
i had a lot going on.

“look at me nigga.” he asked.

did he just call me a “nigga”?

you know what?
well i was in too much ecstasy to even try to care at that point.

“i said look at me nigga.”

i looked at him in his eyes.
it was like i was damn near hypnotized.
he has to be the finest man i have ever had sex with.
i’ve had sex with some lookers before,
but this one here is the perfect package.
he also smelled so damn good too.

“i’m bout to nut.
where you want it nigga?” he asked,
out of breath and speeding up the thrust tempo.

“all on my ass cheeks.” i cried.

i was literally crying.
tears were coming out my eyes.
i didn’t want it to stop,
but i’m glad he did because my hole was pounding.
he put me down quickly and pushed me over the stool.
he pulled the condom off and started to jack his dick furiously.
i started to do the same.

“oh shit.
oh shit nigga shit…” he moaning as i felt the warm nut fall on my body.
i let out a soft moan as my nut dripped out my dick.
we came simultaneously.

he stood behind me for a minute.
i felt his dick land between my ass crack.
i could hear him breathing heavy.
i literally just hung over the stool.
if i never moved for the best of the night,
i would actually be okay.

he whispered.
his voice kinda shaky.

“i know.
i’m tired too.” i said,
smiling from ear to ear.

i could actually do with another round.
i wanted more of him,
but i didn’t know how to say it.

when i stood up to look at him,
derrick was staring out the window into the studio.
his entire face looked blank and flushed.
when i turned around,
jasmine was standing in the middle of the studio.
staring at us like she was at a crime scene.
her face was blank and her mouth was open wide.
she saw a lot because all her thoughts was written all over her face.

“oh shit.”

that’s all i could say.


Written by Jamari Fox
(C) 2.14.14 11:55pm.

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