Baby Its Brick Outside

tumblr_static_180zuew2qkxwc84oo04kgw0cwnew yawk city was absolutely disrespectful today.
its still even disrespecting me tonight.
when i woke up this morning,
it was a wonderful 13 degrees.
of course it took everything in my power not to go back to bed.
i will say,
i do like dressing up in “winter” gear tho.
i knew i had to bust out the long johns and boots for the work day.
the only issue?…

i didn’t have a hat on.
jamari fox had a big scarf on,
like wrapped around my mouth and nose,
but i couldn’t pull my hood over my head.
i also had no hats that matched with my look.
i know.
i know.
i knoooooowwwwwww.
i was warm everywhere but my head and ears.
i think this is why i have a bad headache tonight.
i can barely concentrate.
they say tomorrow is supposed to be back to normal.


look i’ll take it!

low-key: how last week gonna be 60-70 degrees,
and this week be below 20?
tumblr_mz04v8MEAe1qbtwyto1_500mother nature,
you bitch.

lowkey 2: its crazy how many whites were wearing next to nothing.
i saw snow vixens in skirts with stockings.
open toe heels.
i saw snow wolves in light jackets.
i was layered the fuck up.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “Baby Its Brick Outside”

  1. I blame all you no good dirty stinkin assholes that whine like little bitches about the warm weather in December. If y’all would have kept your fat piehole shut then we would have had a nice 50 o 60 degree weather.

  2. Yes Jamari! Was with some family dressed for Winter and we saw this snow wolf run into the store wearing shorts. I don’t know what it is.

    Side note, you have to let the foxhole know what’s in style for Winter. I love your advice 🙌

  3. Im in texas i dont have those problems. I dont miss the big apple but i will be there february to visit my boyfriend though. Sad face

  4. Monday was disgustingly FRIGID up here! Like WTF kinda frigid! Long Johns is right! I forgot my pair that day! Def not happening again, esp with my skin issues! Not about this! It`s notoriously colder in places like Alberta! Idk how they deal, because Im ready to hop to a tropical island right about yesterday!`
    I still need gloves and some boots! It`s no joke up here!

  5. It’s the same down here in Georgia, last week was nice. It seems like winter decideded to come with 2016

  6. It’s so funny that you say that because that day when it was like 70+ degrees, I saw so many white people bundled up. Straight up ass backwards.

  7. I’m glad winter is back. Back in December I was sweating bullets roasting a duck on Christmas Day. It was 70 degrees in Maryland and I had to open the kitchen windows and back door to cool the house down. I love cold weather though. I have tons of sweaters, several coats and love the layered look. I know you are handsome and stylish Jamari but please put on a hat blogger brother! I keep knit skullcaps and hats in neutral grays, blue and black so they go with anything. Plus when it’s real cold folks don’t give a damn about style. They just want warmth!

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