Ace Rockwood Has To Use Two Hands To Massage This Pipe

i was about to put nsfw,
but it’s like 2 in the morning.
this is a quickie tho…

what’s happening here?
anyone care to explain?
he looks so focused lol
lowkey: remember him?

Scott VS “Could That Thing Even Fit In My Mouth?”

7 thoughts on “Ace Rockwood Has To Use Two Hands To Massage This Pipe

  1. Ace is still everything to me. The pipe, the stroke, the nose, the lips, the smile, the eyebrows, the teeth. It’s like damn, all that wrapped up in one?

  2. This dude was another up and coming model trying to go mainstream, I guess money got short and his bills got long, no more to say, since we covered this about 23 entries ago, but man it doesnt take long anymore to convince these dudes to go the darkside for chump change Im sure. I guess when you are blessed with that type of talent between your legs you got to make the most of it.Thanks to this economy, it wont be too many of our fantasy boys who will not take off their clothes for a piece of change.

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