A Heartbreaking End To A Social Media Couple

relationship goals?
so you know i love a “who dun it” entry.
this one is about the vixen in ^that social media couple pairing.
her name was tonie wells.
her man is b wells.
they went viral,
thanks to the shade room,
because of this picture he posted:

well she is dead today.
this is how it went down via cbs news

A young mother was found dead in her apartment building Wednesday and the case is being investigated as a possible homicide.

Police were called to 1172 Sterling Place in Brooklyn just before 10 a.m. after neighbors responded to the cries of a 3-year-old child, 1010 WINS reported.

Police then found the body of the 22-year-old Tonie Wells at the bottom of a basement staircase. The NYPD says she was unconscious and unresponsive with trauma to the body.

“An initial determination deemed this person’s death to be suspicious and it is currently being investigated,” Deputy Chief Michael Kempfer said. “The deceased female has bruising on her neck and it appears she was either pushed or fell down the flight of stairs leading to the basement.”

Police believe her death was related to a domestic incident. Neighbors said Wells is married and the couple has a daughter.

At one point, they said police walked the girl out of the apartment while detectives were in and out, looking for evidence.

Their hearts are broken for the girl and other family members.

“I was devastated because I saw the yellow tape and I heard she died,” Angela Murray said, “We don’t know how she died and that’s terrible.”

Police would not answer any questions regarding the investigation. All they said at this point is that they do have a person on interest and they’re trying to track him down.

They said they should have more answers regarding her death soon.

this is more of the couple here:

she was pretty too.
it hurts my heart to know the daughter was in there,
crying her eyes out,
as her mother lay dead down in their basement.
so this could have gone two alleged ways:

1) allegedly tripped and fell
2) domestic dispute which she was choked out and thrown down the stairs

i’m going with the alleged latter,
although i hope it’s the former.
this is why i’m not into others relationships as i once was.
i think the foxhole may have desensitized me.
it’s always “something” in the background.
if you sniff around long enough,
or sit still,
you’ll soon find it.
if the father is allegedly the killing jackal,
i hope that cub will find a proper and stable home.
rip to tonie and her unborn cub.

article cc: cbs news

10 thoughts on “A Heartbreaking End To A Social Media Couple

  1. black men have a lot of psychology issues. the black community’s only concern is the black womam in their issues etc.. uplifting women and letting them men just “BE”..

    1. Well, you black men never appreciate black women. So yeah, they’ve let you be. White women shouldn’t be with you either.

  2. If was Domestic ( I pray it’s not.) WTF is going on with all these black men killing these white women MY GOD stop being with them if you don’t want them anymore what make it worse is the baby also is involved STOP DAMN.

    I’m just going to assume she fell to her death until further notice.

  3. Damn…it seems like there’s been an uptick in domestic violence as of late, esp around the holidays…tha’s all u see in the news…sad…she was a pretty lady.

      1. Barry Wells’ Facebook page included a post advising other men to treat the mothers of their kids with respect.

        “Especially if you have a daughter,” he wrote in October 2016. “She gonna grow up believing it’s okay to be treated that way!”

        *blank stare*

  4. OMG! She was beautiful indeed J. My heart hurts for the little baby that might be traumatized for the rest of her life. People just can’t be trusted these days. Is something in the water?

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