Your 23rd Thought (R&Baller Wolf Edition)… (23)

We got a R&Baller Wolf edition today.
I’m talking about:

He is getting it GOOD today.
1/2 entries.
You should be proud.
Anyway, I saw an Instagram and it turned me on….

Let me see what you think about the following picture…


Author: jamari fox

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20 thoughts on “Your 23rd Thought (R&Baller Wolf Edition)… (23)”

  1. Lame… My girl said shit ain’t even Big …. She grabbed a handful of his shit at a party … And was disappointed … (whomp whomp) … But Q and Brian … Ohhh baby Those r thee juiciest Balls I have rubbed past … I wonder how they dick game is ….

    1. His dick could be the size of a vienna sausage and I wouldn’t love him any less. It’s Willie Taylor. He’s a good dude.

  2. My first thought; he’s goregous as hell.

    I almost forgot who he was, I had to think for a second. LOL. Willie is a sexy ass nigga, love him.

  3. Q is a gurl; plus what I saw of him wasn’t that big. I’d rather mess with Dawn. And Willie isn’t that small…he’s still sexy anyway.

  4. How on earth do you all know so much about what they’re packing with?

    But for the record, Q’s lips > whatever penis William is packing.

  5. Moving swiftly on . . . . there’s nothing about this guy that I personally like. Way too much ink, the shaped hair line, his nose looks very pointed in that picture. No you guys have fun, I’ll wait for the next bus ride.

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