Would You Be His First Lady?

Another saga in the Longstroke Files…

Under the exclusive representation of S. Greene, of Capitol Broadcast Shows Television Network in Washington, D.C., a screenplay is being developed for either a major Television Network, or the big screen that tells the full story of the “ THE FIRST LADY”. The 22 year old Bahamian is revealing a very emotional story of his six year love affair with the Bishop, and the reason’s that he alone is “THE FIRST LADY” of the New Birth Church.The Library of Congress is now holding the registered copy of the first of a two part book penned under the name “THE FIRST LADY”. Centino Kemp with the assistance of writer T. Benson Glover originally from Philadelphia who now is a recent resident of Atlanta, Georgia. Glover a “Essence” best selling author of the novel “SISTER” will hold the co-author position with Kemp for this first of a two book series.

“I thought it was an important story that needed to be shared but also told in the proper way. I felt Centino was a very sincere, and brave young man to be able to work through his pain to find peace with God and continue to strive to make it to a better place in his heart and his mind”…stated Glover who began writing the book with Centino months ago.

The book under the title of “The First Lady” is a strong, emotional story that deals with the corruption and manipulation of the highest degree by one of the most trusted entities..a “spiritual father”. It is definitely a must read for all, and soon to be a film that you must see as well”….said Greene; we are more than honored to be working with Centino, who happens to be a very talented musical artist as well.”

“My loss of innocence might be the most poignant description I can give in my story. It showed me how when cultivated by evil intentions, a young boy can be forever scarred during his quest to manhood, and I will probably never regain the trust and purity I once had” stated Centino.

“The First Lady” is the life story of Centino Kemp. A talented young man born in the Bahamas, it explores Kemp’s upbringing in a highly Christian family. As a youth, he longs to find closeness with his family that is sorely missing, all while coping with the absence of his father. Centino’s adverse relationships with the male figures in his life or lack of, combined with the in and out role of his mother’s presence while in his adolescence, led to his struggles with his own sexuality. Then at the tender age of sixteen, Centino heads to the United States to attend a University in Florida. Alone in this new country, minus guidance or a nurturing figure, Centino is seduced by a powerful religious figure who becomes not only the father figure he never had, but also his lover for six very long and intense years.

His soul becomes tortured as he forced to deal with a realm of emotions and situations he never thought he would ever encounter. In this story of love, lust, power, extravagant living, travel, betrayal, deceit, rape, down-low homosexual lifestyle, molestation, church corruption, secret societies, suicide attempts and religion, Centino Kemp gives you an in depth look into the pain, sorrow, trials, and triumphs of his first twenty-two years on earth, and how he ultimately came to be known as his lovers “ First Lady”.

I feel this book is going to open a lot of people’s eyes about the trusted institutions known to us as our place of worship and the people we look to as leaders, especially the role they play in our children’s lives. No one is without sin; sometimes power and influence can lead the devil to do his most devastating damage and a damage that can never be erased in someone life,….and misguided heart..

His chapters contains details of abuse that have been hushed up and covered up, even by the spiritual father himself. While the cases of sexual abuse continued to impact others, Centino explained that he wrote the book to “help victims feel that their voice has at last been heard”.

From meager beginnings on a small island in the Bahamas to the state of “hot “ Atlanta Georgia young new author Centino Kemp has come a long way. Details of the first twenty-two years of his complicated, yet a thrilling life and lifestyle are captured in the pages on his memoir,

“THE FIRST LADY” making a biography almost obsolete, his enthralling story has been on the lips and minds of most everyone.

Centino Kemp who has been named as the fifth accuser in the love affairs of Bishop Eddie Long, the head of the New Birth Church in Atlanta, GA. Centino has completed a book where he describes himself as Bishop Longs “FIRST LADY”. The book has been completed and is now ready for publishing.

First lady is right.
Paid lady is about to be the final title.
Am I wrong?


Are these boys he messed with gay? or are they just straight and confused?

10 thoughts on “Would You Be His First Lady?

  1. Yng:

    I guess great wolves think a like because I posted similar thoughts on another blog and I got blasted for it lol This is why I am so glad that Jar runs an open forum so that people of different values and belief systems and openly discuss their view points without reprisals from the blooger or from his readers. At the end it the day I think most social woes boils down to the character of the individual. I think that Bishop Long did engage in some wrong doing in terms of abusing his power as a spiritual leader in order to get this groove on with these young men because he fit the profile of a classic pedophile, and closeted gay man who is fearful of being outted. However, since there was a cash settlement that all parties agreed to and because of the settlement most of the facts of the case may be disclosed to the public forever. I think that these young men should just take the money and run lol,because there are things in their behaviors that make them look shady. Just recently one of the brothers was arrested for having weed, and an unregistered gun in his car, and remember that the Long Stroke problem started because one of the young man had broken into Long’s office and stole a few things and was arrested because of that.

    I understand these guys were young and impressionable when Long allegedly abused them, however they were all of consenting age, and they denied having sexual intercourse with Long. However, these young men did attend his church and so did they give any thought that they were committing adultery? Did they consider that they would cause Long’s wife and children enormous emotional pain, and if they really are speaking out in order to help other children avoid their situation why not give the settlement and the future proceeds from the to charity? I think it the end the greatest burden that these guys will have to try to seek legitimacy when the church going world will always look at them as male Monica Lewinsky’s.

  2. I thought the settlement included a gag order (no pun intended)? Why are these lawyers letting these kids go around flapping their jaws? Two of the other boys are trying to write a book as well. I don’t even know if it will accomplish anything — those that believe Bishop won’t stop & those who don’t won’t change…arrgh, man!

  3. Tajan:

    You got good jokes, and years ago I used to work for a Mega Church in LA if I were to give you the name most people would know who the pastor is. All I can say is that it is a trip to see your pastor being treated like a rock star, and to watch all the madness with male and female church members trying to get at the pastor lol.

  4. Its not right but its ok. Talk about Grade A Fuckery! This shit sounds like a bad BET Blackbuster Movie. I just cant tonight, the hair and that pose, he is a long way from being a First Lady. Damn the Bishop lawyers must have been first year law students, I can not believe that he was not able to shut down the books and interviews. Somebody call Tyler Perry, I cant wait to see “Mudear goes to New Birth”

  5. I wouldn’t be his first, second, third, fourth… just no. And from my experience “straight and confused” means is bi or gay but doesn’t know how to deal with it.

  6. LOL I so feel the same way, just let it be done so we can move on to the next church affiliated sex scandal lol

  7. Probably both. Those who are confused & having feelings but don’t necessarily want them & go to him in confidence for prayer & counsel, along with some (apparently like Centino) who are gay and just keeping it quiet…I just want it to all go away.

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