WOLF MEAT: (311)

i+heart+salt+lake+I+spy+don’t you love these moments?…

tumblr_mmm2jv9V0v1r6ng1io1_500very nice.

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  1. Off topic I was on another site and we were discussing the terms Wolf,Fox,Hybrid,etc.They were wondering if you came up with the terms.Well one guy says he is none of them.In a nutshell no pun intended,he doesnt do anal.I googled that question and learned according to studies 30% of Gay or Bi guys dont do anal.So it is a mytn that Gay men =anal sex.Im curious how many guys on this site are not down with the cakes:)

    1. 30 percent? That can’t be right, that’s 3 out of 10. There are some that don’t do anal, but I’m sure it is not too many. I would say 1 or 2 out of every 20.

      1. That number is based on a 2005 CDC report where they looked at different studies.That is the average I dont know the ages of the Gay men they surveyed.I believe they were given a list like have you ever engaged in fellatio,mutual masturbation,watersports,annilingus(sp),anal intercourse… While googliing I came across alot sites that deal with this issue.Most of the men are ashamed to admit they dont do anal.Some of them admitted they were forcibly penetrated .Some have an issue with it because of the other use of the rectum not to get to graphic.Also that report said about 35% of heterosexuals had engaged in anal sex at least once.That number seems high to me too

      2. That’s not high. You’d be surprised. Straight people do anal, and many of them only do it only once. Do they do it often? No.

    2. *Raises hand*

      Not really into penetration so much anymore. I did it too much in the past and it was always more or less…bland.

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