When A Stranger Calls… and Pisses Me Off

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So I haven’t seen/heard from Mandingo Wolf since I gave him my number in the elevator.
I forgot all about it and moved on.
I was sitting at my desk last week when he came up and smiled at me.
We caught up and I skillfully slid…

“Hey you never called me.”

…somewhere in the middle of the convo.
He proceeds to tell me that he realized that he never got the last digit of my number when he walked out the elevator.
He gave me his phone and I entered my number again.
He also called my phone and I got his.

“Ima hit you up…” He says, smiling, and walked off.

Sunday, during the Hurricane Irene, I sent a couple texts to people I knew.
Seeing if they were okay and weren’t floating somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean.
As I scrolled down, I saw his name and decided to send a special text…

“Hope all is good with you dude.”

No sooner, I got a call from some random number.


No one replied, but I could hear soft music playing in the background.

I quickly hung up and went about my business.
3 minutes later, the same number called and hung up.

Yeah Tami…
Same face I made…
2 minutes after that, I got a call but this time from a blocked number.


No answer, but the same soft music playing in the background.

“You just gonna sit there with no answer?” I asked.

Still no reply.
I hung up.

Me thinks Mandingo Wolf’s bitch… or Fox… had his phone and was making house calls.
Maybe he stepped away to the bathroom after he fucked her/him senseless.
She/He still probably had nut on her/his forehead and playing phone games.
I smiled to myself and went about doing something else.

Yesterday, I was sitting at my desk and Mandingo Wolf walked up to pick up a package.
He had on a white T that outlined his pecs and arms.
They seem to be bigger from the last time I saw him.
He had on these nerd glasses that shaped his face perfectly.
I felt myself getting hard.
I slipped into an cold attitude that I did not mean to come out.
I don’t like to feel confused.
He gave me dap and was smiling at me in his usual fashion.

“How did you survive the storm?” I asked.
“Man, they hyped that shit up and scared people. It was nothing.”
“I…. texted… you to see how you were…”
“You did? I didn’t get a text from you.”
“I did but you must not have gotten it.”
“Let me see what number you have for me…”

I proceeded to show him.

“Yeah, that is it. That is weird.”
“Yeah it is.” I joked.

He told me he got the phone a while ago and that he is still trying to figure it out.
I listened and he sounded nervous but still unsure as to why he never received a text from me.
I shrugged it off and smiled…

“Well, why don’t you hit me up sometime.”
“Aight I will.”

He got the package and bounced.
Was Mandingo Wolf trying to put his package in two slots?
Was it a genuine misunderstanding?
Or, was I about to prepare for Hurricane Mandingo Wolf’s Bitch in my near future?

Who knows…

Author: jamari fox

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9 thoughts on “When A Stranger Calls… and Pisses Me Off”

  1. i wouldn’t have called or texted him at all. not to play games, but being that it was because of his “mistake” that you guys didn’t talk before i think it should have been up to him to show some initiative and hit you. just my opinion. three times you’ve put yourself out there for him “missed the last digit”, hurricane and when you asked him why doesn’t he hit you up. no mas, por favor. if i give a dude my number and he doesn’t call i assume he’s not that interested or has lazy nigga syndrome. either way, we don’t need him.

    put amastad’s ass back on a boat and tell his ass farewell =-)

  2. i would give him 1 chance try the gym or (im assuming) the giants game on tv. if he say no then you know he full of it/he got a pet fish at home and she gettin suspicious. S/N you do work out jamari right?

  3. Someone was playing games…and I’m fairly certain he knows who it is. Now, as to whether Mandingo is tryna play you — see what happens the next time he comes around…

  4. Shit maybe I would’ve thought he accidentally called you because he didn’t know how to work his new phone…if it only happened ONCE.

    You got called three times. Then he said he never got the text and he really has no reason to lie about that. Someone was clearly playing on his phone.

    I thought women only did that calling numbers in his phone “woman to woman” type shit.

    1. ^i agree.
      and if it was a woman,
      I clearly said “dude” at the end of the message.
      wanted to keep it strictly friendly without a frosting of “sleaze” on top of it.

      maybe it was a dude because that whole 3 times a call thing was odd.

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