What Did The 5 Fingers Say To Adrian Peterson’s Face?

did this wolf haul off and slap this other wolf:

in his face?
the vikings got slapped with the loss yesterday,
but adrian peterson felt the hand of deangelo hall to the dome (or helmet)…

Vikings running back Adrian Peterson emerged from his return to Washington unscathed, a nice change from the serious knee injury he suffered there last season.

The day was far from perfect for Peterson, however. The Vikings fell behind 31-12 before mounting a comeback that fell short afterRobert Griffin III added to his highlight reel with a game-icing 76-yard touchdown run. And Peterson also got a little bit more than he bargained for after being tackled by Redskins cornerback DeAngelo Hall on one play. He explained after the game why he spent a little time jawing with Hall after a first quarter run.

“He slapped me in the face after making a good tackle,” Peterson said via theMinneapolis Star-Tribune. “And I was just telling him, ‘Hey, don’t do me like that, brother.’ I looked him in the eyes and he knew I meant business.

Seems like a reasonable enough request from Peterson. Peterson finished with 79 yards on 17 carries, with 40 of the yards coming on the opening field goal drive. As the Vikes fell behind, Peterson became less of a focal point for their offense even if it seems he was always on Hall’s mind.

The collective slap in the face that the Redskins gave the Vikings dropped Minnesota into second place in an NFC North that feels a little tighter in the wake of Green Bay’s performance in Houston on Sunday night.


play nice wolves…
i may make you strip down and settle this in a jello wrestling match.
that may actually for my pleasure though…

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  1. Adrian seems like the type of dude that might have a dark side when he’s angry because he comes off as such a chilled and relaxed guy. He’s good in my book tho.

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