Well Since She Gave Him Another Chance…

… so will we!
We are all about forgiveness in the Foxhole, right?
Who could turn down such a cute Wolfie face…

Awwww C’mere Boy…


You just want to let him lick your hind parts, don’t cha?

15 thoughts on “Well Since She Gave Him Another Chance…

  1. She might as well give him another chance because at least she knows what she has, and God knows she has had her share. He is cute and cocky and the Southern drawl is sexy as hell. Its just something about this dude that says he aint too smart but he will treat you good. For some reason he reminds me of Carmelo Anthony. Be careful Saints of these Texas boyz, they will have you going crazy. Since yall missed the Texas relays, you can still get a slice of gay Texas at Houston Splash, the first weekend in May. Be warned you may not be ready for some of the fuckery, but its all types of boys every where you look at the Beach party on Galveston Island.

    1. I’ve seen an album of 200 pictures from last year. Saw only a hand full of dudes I’d look at. I’m good.

      I’m getting those sex party text invites already though. Decline.

  2. He reminds me of Bow-Wow, but I don’t find him that attractive…plus he looks 17.

  3. He’s actually not that attractive to me. I was talking to a friend about this the other day. Now the man Royce had before? The brown skin? He was sexy.

  4. Eh figures she would I think it’s because e is light skinned. I mean he’s attractive but he doesn’t have the pro football wolf build I like but what ever floats her boat.

    And what’s this site that’s like crack???

    Hey jay when is the Texas relays? My home boy said we could make a weekend out of it. And he said the wolves be plentiful

    1. They’re in late March every year bro. Dudes throw sex parties in Austin just because of the Relays and SXSW.

      the site we’re talking about is romeisburning.tumblr.com

      1. I told him too! Lol

        That site is crack! I swear it would make a straight man curious. lol

        I save every pic I find attractive on that site.

        They told me he goes to the texas relays so maybe I have seen him in person before and didn’t think anything of it.

    1. He’s not cute in the face. Just big and yellow with a slight body. If he were to try and talk to me, id talk back though.

      Romeisburning is prolly One of the best tumblrs dedicated to men. My only issue is he has an obvious preference for light skin. Most tumblrs who are similar to his are like that as well. I think it’s an indication of what our community finds attractive as a majority.

      1. I guess he does have a preference for it. I had to go back and look. I find that usually the only time darker skin men are posted is when they have an enormous dick.

        Trust I’ve found some bad brown dudes on tumblr. I think I’ve fallen in love several times. I even saw my trainer on there. lol

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