there is no “gender fluid” in billy dee williams

for all the gender fluid foxholers out there:

Don’t look for an ally with Billy Dee Williams

he made it very clear that he isn’t “gender fluid” after his comments.
( x see that entry here )
this is what he said via “yahoo“…

“When I made that comment, it was just a simple comment, I was just saying men should get in touch with their female self,” he told us. “I was not talking about swinging, or whether I was gay or straight or anything like that. But it’s interesting how people take all of that stuff out of [context], and make it what they want to make it.”

(In a separate interview with The Undefeated, Williams asked, “What the hell is ‘gender fluid?’” The term generally refers to people who do not identify with a fixed gender.)

In his explanation, Williams referred to the teachings of psychoanalyst Carl Jung, an early supporter of Sigmund Freud whose anima/animus theories explored the inner feminine side of men and the inner masculine side of women.

the older jumped out billy with that “what the hell is gender fluid?” line.

to see here.
that’s definitely that on that.

article: yahoo

Author: jamari fox

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15 thoughts on “there is no “gender fluid” in billy dee williams”

  1. So Billy Dee Williams’ comment was completely misread and misunderstood by the media, who then ran with the misinterpretation. I’m not surprised, it seems to happen all the time these days.

    I have to say, he doesn’t sound homophobic, but he also clearly ain’t up on the newest gender terms/theory, which isn’t surprising, since the man is 82. Do you, Billy Dee, whatever that consists of.

  2. Sounds to me like a gay interviewer or gay magazine editor used the quote out of context to make headlines and further the gay agenda.

    There was no reason to twist this man’s words like that. And with female pads removing the female sign and other foolishness, I do believe there is an agenda. By a small minority who want to force the majority to accept them.

    1. Bruh you better speak another gotdamn word! I’m starting to believe there is an agenda because this is becoming too much.

    2. Can someone please explain to me what exactly the gay agenda is? I feel like people throw it around and i need clarification.

  3. I knew this was being taken out of context in the last post. Billy Dee is a classy man of yore. He don’t even know wtf y’all talking about lmao much less y’all tryna make him the face of a whole undercurrent. I can’t!

    1. It’s like when your parent is distracted on the phone and you ask them something so they can say “yes” absentmindedly. They knew what they were doing. They got their salacious headline and clicks.

  4. Just because someone is gender Fluid does not mean they are gay….

    Jung had some good notes but some of his theories are now outdated and sexist to say the least.

    Billie Dee IS 82 years old.

    Billie says, “I say ‘himself’ and ‘herself,’ because I also see MYSELF as FEMININE as well as MASCULINE,” he said. “I’m a very soft person. I’m not afraid to show that side of myself.”

    Styling choices are NOT Gender-fluid. It is gender expression.

    A gender-fluid person is an inner and personal identity, and overall an entire PSYCHOLOGICAL experience.

    Billie says
    “When I made that comment, it was just a simple comment, I was just saying men should get in touch with their female self,” he told us.

    Billie also refers to the teachings of psychoanalyst Carl Jung, an early supporter of Sigmund Freud whose anima/animus THEORIES explored the INNER feminine side of men and the INNER masculine side of women….. 🧐🧐

  5. Like I said the other day the person at Out Magazine who decided to label Billy Dee as gender fluid should have contacted his publicist.He did the interview with Esquire Magazine,the interview was already online for a few days before Out Magazine decided to post the gender fluid story,a real journalist would verify something like that.

    Now there countless articles,IG posts,YouTube videos about him being gender fluid, Saturday somebody changed his pronouns from “he” to “they” on his Wikipedia ,idiots saying they won’t watch his movies anymore,etc.

  6. Outside of the pronoun slur, I find it exceedingly repugnant people saying they won’t watch his movies anymore. I don’t even know what effect that would have on an 82 year old man that has lived his career well and past it’s peak. Gender Fluid ain’t’s been around since the 90s at best.

    The most glaring issue is not his gender specifics but the lack of support potentially because of it.

    Him turning out to be gay would have been humorous just for that reason alone. Since there is a “gay agenda” and all, as the straights call it, you can go through you entire life loving a celebrity or musician without knowing anything about their sexual orientation only to find out they are gay and bisexual and suddenly denounce them.

    Most LGBTQ are in fact, very supportive of a LOT of heterosexuals even if it’s based solely on the fact of sheer admiration of desiring to “be like them,” from divas and beyond.

    Gays do be trying to decode folks sexuality but the straights do it just as much.

    But if a man (and to a lesser degree woman, depending on how attractive she is) does turn out to be gay or bisexual, it’s time to turn up your nose and disconnect from them entirely.

    Didn’t we just got off a post about a man dumping his child on the side of the road because the sonwas viewing homosexual content?

    1. Even the gays in these here comments are decrying the “gay agenda” and i just want to know where i can buy one. I have no idea what this agenda is. Why wasn’t Jamari notified so he can round up the troops?

      1. The gay agenda is the belief a “cult of gays” are creating content, usually, through all forms of media to make heterosexual people:

        1.) Consider homosexuality the “norm”
        2.) Turn them and their children gay.

        Ex. Gay characters inserted or attributed to tv shows, movies, video games and even cartoons. I think Steven Universe had some homosexual characters and this sparked outrage among the straights because such content influences their children to think being gay is okay and want to be that way.

        The term Gay Agenda at it’s core is obviously a branch of religious homophobia. Homophobic heterobot males and females use the term, though men tend to use it more to show their disgust with any male on male display of affection and passion.

        Homophobic Heterobot Black Male: Why everything always gotta be gay?

        Progressive Intellectual Trans Woman: On the contrary, the majority of media is focused on heterosexual relationships. In fact, according to my calculations, 98% of central protagonists in mainstream film are heterosexual, from the beginning to end. From Marvel to Jurassic World and beyond, all are told from a heterosexual POV.

        Can you imagine the outrage if the main character of Marvel was a gay man? They might let a woman slide if she is sexy (& hints at being bisexual to give heterosexual men hope.)

        How about if Frozen featured a gay protagonist. You see how Beauty and the Beast slid in one of the MINOR characters as gay and the “straights” went ballistic. They will accept an underaged girl dating a human-buffalo before they will a gay man living his truth happily onscreen.

        They say they are “uncomfortable” with gay scenes but expect LGBTQ to stfu and watch them have sex outside of marriage all day with no problems.

        They are the actual agenda creators and have been so for 2,000 years & counting, going into 2020.

        Not to sound negative, but I honestly don’t see them changing because the majority of them are waiting for a virgin-crafted white man born in the Middle East to descend from the sky riding on a bioluminescent cloud & punish all the gays. This will be their, “I told you so moment,” they’ve been waiting for.

        1. LOL. It’s always funny to watch them adamantly declare they’re NOT homophobic. Yet, they don’t want gay characters on their tv and they don’t want “Gay” to be normalized. When you simply ask them “WHY,” their heterosexual mouths can’t articulate an explanation that isn’t homophobic.

          1. Right. Just like you hear a racist white person say something discriminatory then turn around and say “I’m not racist, I have a black friend.”

            All these people are crazy, imo.

  7. First off, we talk about “Gender Fluid” like its a Sexuality; it’s not. It’s a lifestyle like Metrosexuals. They are two different things. There is only male and female. If there is anything else, it’s not human and from this Earth. Everybody keeps defining it but at the same time talking about like a sexuality. Let’s clear it up because its confusing people.

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