the type of sh*t that channels my rage and makes me wanna burn it all down

growing up in the hood as a kid,
i was scared to let anyone know i liked “white music“.

when i was found out,
i was laughed at and ended up giving away my cds.
it’s wild the things many of us go through to be accepted,
all while doing what we really love secretly.
i’m looking at you DL males.
i’ve been exploring into different genres of music.
i’m way past sticking to the same hiphop and r&b shit i done heard 1,000 times.
while going down the rabbit hole,
i ended up listening to a group i never thought i would be into.


I can officially tell you that I’m a Nine Inch Nails stan.

i’ve been listening to their first 3 albums on repeat.

Pretty Hate Machine
The Downward Spiral

the first album speaks to my emotions.
it covers angst,
feelings of betrayal,
and being in love with the wrong person.
the next two speak to my rage.
this song’s lyrics literally speak to my soul:

i am obsessed with this song and when that rock shit kicks in,
i lose my entire shit.

its the words in many of their songs that speak to and for to me.

i’ve liked paramore and alanis morissette but lately,
i’ve been getting into rage music.
never would i thought i’d be listening to this shit but here we are.
i found out many black artists like them too including:

you def could hear rock influences in two of her songs on her final album.

if you are suffering with depression,
feeling loneliness,
or sick of the bullshit

Check out NIN and start with their first album,
Pretty Hate Machine

lay back,
listen to the lyrics,
and focus on where the music takes you.
just don’t go slap no one in the face after you listen.
i’m not responsible for any damages.

lowkey: didn’t know trent reznor was behind the gone girl soundtrack.
i have zoned out and written some good entries to that album.