The Time Has Cum To Write About Olivier Vernon

that’s the picture i saw of him that made me faint…
i’ve been meaning to font about ^this baller wolf for what,

i dunno,
a few years now.
a foxholer reminded me of him last week and i still forgot!
i’m sorry!
we always have something going on in the foxhole!
everyone meet the “not forgotten sexiness” that is olivier vernon.
i discovered olivier when he played for the dolphins.
he is now playing for the giants and well…

…i think he is so fuckin’ dreamy.
his facial alone does things to me.

here is a little bit from olivier’s dossier…

261 lbs

birthday: october 7th
position: defensive end
home forest: miami
college: miami (fl)

his mother is swiss and his father is jamaican.
i can just imagine what that pipe bees like.
here is a little bit of everything else in pictures:

the arms>>>
now here him in motion:

his vocals>>>>>
i meannnnnnn…
is he not one of the finest baller wolves out right now?
i love he is lowkey wit it too.
this is what he looked like when he was younger:

i’ll allow olivier.

lowkey: he’s even kneeling during the national anthem too:

i’m glad it took me this long to write about him.

*pictures credited to owners | olivier vernon

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  1. 👍👍👍👍👍👍 Mmmmm…I’ve always loved me some Swiss Miss cocoa…He looks like he could be of Dominican persuasion.

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