Tell Me What I’m Going To Do About This F*ckin 3some Love Affair?

“Dom Perignon is what we’re sippin’
While we’re trippin on the fact that she’s not here
It turns us on in every way…”

what if I told you i just got a f-bi tip about an artist in the industry?
what if i told you it was a dude who is making a name for himself?
what if i told you he has come out with hit record after record?
what if i told you in the tip it said he befriends vixens who are in relationships and pursue their wolves?
what if i told you since he looks and passes for straight, he is able to come off UN-assuming?
what if i told you looking like that HAS helped him get wolves/foxes/or hybrids?
what if i told you he pursued a famous, but low key, producer?
what if i told you he was giving said producer head on his couch while his wife was upstairs sleeping?
what if i told you…

…. that can’t tell you,
but you can guess who it is?
maybe, just maybe, you should take a minute.
i know!
you can head down to the ocean and let the waves calm you.
or maybe,
you need to lie down so you can think about it.

tryna help.

any tips,

21 thoughts on “Tell Me What I’m Going To Do About This F*ckin 3some Love Affair?

  1. 3some love affair=Teenage Love Affair=Alicia Keys…so I’m guessing the producer is Swizz Beatz. And I think the artist is either Big Sean or Drake. That’s my final answer. Jamari and these damn guessing games lol

  2. “you can head down to the \ocean\ and let the waves calm you.
    or maybe,
    you need to lie down so you can \think about it\.” = why all the Frank Ocean subliminals?

    but maybe Bruno Mars?
    Big Sean?
    Meek Mill?
    who are the new-ish r&b guys? my minds on blank for any.
    I’m only thinking of miguel and frank

    i don’t know any well known married producers, so maybe i should look up that first, and work backways

    jamari you play too much :p

  3. Kinda got stuck after “(giving a) producer head on his couch while his wife was upstairs sleeping?”

    This could be anyone in and out of the industry literally. LOL. The things you do in your early 20’s. SMH.

    First thought was Jason Derulo, without any receipts of course.

  4. It’s either Chris Brown or Drake they are making a name for themselves both have what you would consider hit after hit, and both surround themselves with video vixens. But then again most the men in the industry are bi or gay or have done something with another so the choices are endless.

    1. Now this I believe although I heard Drake is packing heavy artillery, all his groupies including Maliah pointed that out. So I would see him given dick rather than sucking or receiving…I believe him and Chris has something going on under the radar. They fight like lovers or something, they were beefing for a minute well before this club fight took place…Chris Brown hinted that Drake was the reason for the fight between he & Rihanna. Then all of a sudden Chris choose to make nice and do a duet with Drizzy, next thing you know they beefing again.

  5. I don’t think it’s Frank – that would be too obvious. Wondering who it is though…

  6. I don’t think it’s any of the usual people and I don’t think it’s Frank Ocean.

    Trey isn’t “making a name for himself”. He’s been in the industry for awhile now.
    Frank Ocean hasn’t had “hit after hit”. His records are critically acclaimed and haven’t gotten airplay until just recently.
    Omarion hasn’t had a hit since 2007.
    None of the clues point me in the direction of Ne-Yo, Bow Wow, Chris Brown, or any of the others.


  7. This must be someone who flies under the radar because Trey and Omarion, and Neyo do not pass for straight with their looks and with all the rumors they have, that wouldn’t make sense with the details that are given. Yea right. Who is married the producer or the artist, I’m confused on that.

    Trey songz has been linked to several men Brandon Hines, Brandin Deida, Troy Taylor and a Tranny named Amiyah Scott, I don’t believe that last one is True though.

    Neyo dresses funny sometimes and he’s not very masc. in many peoples eyes.

    Omarion, his fashion choices and the Raz B situation has had him under the radar for years.

    My only guess is Chris Brown, possibly Lloyd Polite.

      1. Lloyd the singer that’s his last name. I only wrote it so people won’t confuse him with Lloyd Banks.

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