How To Turn Out A Straight Wolf

Let’s be real Foxes out there….

If you have been reading my site, more than likely, you know how straight Wolves make you feel.
Their swag, their body language, and the dominance – makes you feel weak in the knees.

I get so weak in the knees I can hardly speak.
I lose all control and something takes over me.
In a daze, your love’s so amazing, it’s not a phase.
I want you to stay with me, by my side…

I hate meeting a Wolf thru a Fox/Wolf and find out the obvious.
From jump, his swag was already appealing and of course it was because he was straight.
Makes you feel like you will never meet a Wolf in this lifestyle who is like that.
But, a ton of Foxes think they can turn out a straight Wolf.
They are up for the challenge and whenever they say it, I usually scratch my head in confusion.

Is it possible?

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