transgenders might be no more pretty soon

scary alleged news for transgenders?
does “make america great again” really means “to be hateful af”?
which is why i feel sorry for the blacks and gays who are “pro trump”.
they really don’t know what fire they’re really stepping into.
i always equate it to those folks on the roof in “independence day”:

so the trump administration is allegedly planning on obliterating transgenders.
that means the word “transgender” won’t exist anymore if they pass this bill.
it will all go by your sex at birth.
this is the story from “the new york times”
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Baller Wolves Who Love Transgenders Need To Come Out!

laverne_cox_instagram…according to sophia,
aka laverne cox,
from “orange is the new black”.
she says straight wolves of any kind,
who date transgenders secretly,
should come out with it so others can feel comfortable.
she also says they get stigmatized more than transgenders as well.
well here is the article from the huffington post
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