in another day of “expose the racist”, charles geier is #toothlessthomas

put ^that away sir.
let’s put your racist ways and trump supporting out there instead.
i don’t understand why racist jackals and hyenas won’t be found.
the internet loves a witch hunt and public shaming.
if the foxhole can find a social media of a fine or problematic wolf for me,
what makes MAGA think they won’t get exposed by the world?
well i saw this video of him harassing janet espejel and had to smh:


the way he is saying “bitch”
he sounds like one of those mean snow vixens in a 90s teen movie.

he gonna says she needs a gay friend to help with her make up and clothes.
how can you be gay,
dent in the car,
and also be part of MAGA?
sounds like karma for being on the wrong team.
it didn’t take long to find out who he is…
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