Dreams Of Fucking Fraternity Dick

One of my biggest fantasies if to fuck with a fraternity dude.

I am watching a favorite in gay entertainment, Stomp The Yard, and I must say I am overwhelmed in all this testosterone. I watched it before but for whatever reason today…. It must be the wine. Even though, I know someone who worked behind the scenes of this movie, who revealed some things about some of the dudes in/around the movie.

Let’s just say, I would sucking on cocksicles daily.

I mean, you guys saw the mountain scene!!! WHAT!!!! Columbus Short was not bad looking in this movie either.

The chest + the voice + Jamari Fox – Megan Good = NC-17 rating.

I have talked to two frat bois in my entire exsistence, but it was online. I didn’t exactly get to step on the meat. One was a Que and he was in Vegas. He was pretty damn fine and as D/L as he wanted to be. I knew he would have threw it pon’ me! He wanted to fuck with me while maintaining a relationship with his college sweetheart. I may have considered…..

The other was a Kappa….

(I have heard Kappas are the main ones who usually get down. Shout out to all the Kappas reading. U know how to find me.)

It was all good with my discreet Kappa, but he is still hooked up on his man. The window opened and we became friends.

But, I have a taste for some Frat meat. I need to meet someone who goes to a HBCU so I can come visit and they show me around. Or, I meet one who lives in The Concrete Forest and we can live out my fantasies.

Any of my readers ever messed with a frat boi?????????? If so, I would love to hear all the dirty details. Leave me a comment.

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