f0xmail: Oh Where, Oh Where Did My Special Friends Go?

I got this email and I had to post it.
I need you guys to read this:

Hey, Jamari its Ronnie. I need to vent! Im really so over these hookup sites (jackd, grindr) I tried to get into it again, but its just not what it is. Met one guy he was cool, he text me tonight but was a lil short with his words and it takes Him 10 mins to respond, so I get on grindr and who do I see him thats why hes taking forever to respond. Then I see this one dude who I just fucked on the weekend, the one who act like he cant return a fucking text. I text him a simple “Hows it going?” I dont get a response till almost 4 days later, but when he need something he try and text. I got his ass good one time he thought I was going to rent him a car so he could see his fam 4 xmas. Sure! Told him I went out of town lol. Its so crazy he 28yrs old bout 30 acting dumb as fuck. I know we not dating but damn im just saying hi WTF? I really liked him too. Idk im just feeling some kind of way, I dont want no boyfriend right now. All im asking for is a special friend, someone who will treat me right, who dont ignore me when I text, who actually wants to spend time with me, not just fuck. These men here in Atlanta are something else. Idk, i see so many good looking guys and I bet they aint bout shit. I guess im just fustrated and disappointed a lil maybe. Thanks for listening




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