Mimi and Nikko Make a Christian Mingle Video

Screen Shot 2014-04-14 at 8.26.49 PMso i’m at work today and decided to catch up on my entertainment fix.
i tune into tmz and literally gasped so loud that thing 2 looked at me.
so mimi from #lhhatl,
and her “whateveryouwannacallthat” nikko,
made a “christian mingle” relationship video.
they decided to randomly bless us.
so the mailroom wolves were goin in first:

“yooooo ya’ll see mimi????”
“bitch was doing gymnastics off the shower rod!”
“she a freak.”

…then thing 2 found out the preview clip was on wshh.
of course i couldn’t watch it on my work computer.
so i opened up my phone and saw this (nsfw and 18^)…
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