Do You Still Like Me Now? (My Broken Piece)

brokenbeyoncei always liked this beyonce song,
“save the hero”.
i think i mentioned that before.
the lyrics are a true testimony of my life.
you know the person who is always there for others,
acts like the super hero,
goes above and beyond to make sure they are okay,
keeps a great reputation,
but when the super hero goes home and takes their mask off…
who saves them?
i had someone who use to save me.
someone i felt comfortable to talk to and share myself with.
he has passed on and it has left me a complete mess.
my life is a fuckin mess.
do you still like me now?
i know people like living in a fantasy of others these days.
at least i have the balls to admit it.
a long piece ahead…

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I’m The Scared Lonely Hero Wondering Who Will Save Me?

…or do I need to be the 1 to do it?



I am not really a Beyonce fan like that…
…but if she isn’t speaking to me right now with these tracks.

If I couldn’t get the words out to describe how I feel…
These two tracks could describe me in a nutshell right now.
Save the Hero being the number 1 out the 2.

Thanks for being there Foxes, Wolves, and Vixens.
Going through a rough patch, but I’m sure things will turn around as soon as I put my cape on.