The Cast of Marvel’s “Black Panther” is Revealed!

Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 3.58.54 PMso a weekend of two ago,
the pretty vixen and i went on the highline.
the highline was a railroad track that they turned into this beautiful park.
it stretches from 12th street down to 34th.
as we are walking,
chadwick boseman walks past us.
well it looked like him.
he was in mid convo with this gorgeous black wolf.
i actually noticed chadwick first.
i know my celebs.
when chadwick saw me,
he dropped eye contact and looked a little nervous.
i took it as he didn’t want all the “extra” of me coming up for pictures.
i don’t “do” excited to see a celebrity in public.
i’d rather do it vip or bts.

the pretty vixen was clueless as to who he was,
as she noticed the gorgeous black wolf first.
well chadwick is going to be in the new marvel “black panther” movie.
he is reprising his role as “black panther” from “captain american: civil war”.
he posted the cast picture via instagram

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Jussie Smollett Does Calvin Klein

tumblr_nnbzhqVVcW1qjrvino1_540well jussie is doing “calvin klein” in la today.
doesn’t he look smashable great?
that beard is doing wonders for him.
i say keep it up for next season of empire.
here is a bonus shot…
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Everyone Meet Kenya Moore’s Alleged African Prince

respect-kenya-moore-2i’m plastering alleged all over this one.
so kenya moore is having the best week ever.
she is sitting back and letting everyone feast on moose meat,
she has secured her spot on #rhoa,
and she is dating what appears to be a fine (and paid) african wolf.
so an f-bi sent me a picture of kenya’s alleged african prince she is keeping secret.
if this is him…
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