Trey Songz Woke Up And Claps Back for Black Lives

screen-shot-2016-09-21-at-8-14-12-pmtrey songz is sexy.
he is physically sexy,
but he is also very “woke sexy”.
nothing sexier than a woke wolf.
whenever black (any) issues arise,
trey always takes to his social media to voice his concerns.
with the latest senseless kiling of yet another black wolf,
trey took to his social media with the quickness.
he also called out ( x shaq ) and ( x ray lewis ) for their ignorance on his ig like so…
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He Heard Me (Thank God)

tumblr_nrgj8rN5PP1qc2waio1_500its so funny,
but when i call out to star fox or god for help,
i get an answer.
it almost scary how it happens.
so everyone knows i stream td jakes service every sunday.
i am a faithful potter’s house e-member.
this week was the t.o.r.i graduates and retired baller wolf,
ray lewis,
was invited to speak.
well he was tugging on my heart strings so i started to cry.
it took church to release everything i was storing inside.
in the middle of my weeping,
i prayed that god and star fox for help.
well no sooner than i said that,
i got a text on my phone…
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Baller Wolf, Jacoby Jones, Got Moves Like Jagger

who knew…


(i love his name)
…. of the baltimore ravens was such a good dancer.
i guess he still on his high from winning the super bowl

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