rape vs rough sex? (freak twitter)

*the following is rated xxx
viewer discretion is strongly advised

i saw a video on freak twitter today and i wanted to ask the foxhole about it.
in the video,
the wolf is tearing into a vixen.
judging from his face:

…he was breaking his pipe off in her tail.
i saw some comments under the tweet claiming he was allegedly raping her.
i wanted to ask the foxhole…

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not twink god with the rape allegations tho

i never thought i’d see ^this one getting caught up in a rape scandal,
especially making content like this on his ig:


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A post shared by Jay (@twink.god)

twink god,
a wolf we have spoken about before,
has been accused of being a mega creep.
a twitter poster by the name of @simbathegreat claims twink spiked his drink and raped him.
this is what he had to say on his twitter

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the pastor who used “rape” as his sermon of choice

are folks getting tired of some these pastors embarrassing the congregations?
this is why i worship God on my own time these days.
^that hyena posing as a pastor is gonna have a lot to time to get right with his God.
¬†a foxholer sent me his alleged wickedness via “news4jax“…

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this antonio brown rape story sounds “off” to me

i love to investigate shit that interests me.
i’ll confirm with my own snooping.
after a good weekend of team trading,
antonio brown was accused of raping a vixen recently.
i won’t lie to you foxhole,
but something about the whole story was fishy to me.
i sawthis alleged video with antonio and the alleged victim.
well via “hollywood unlocked“…

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they are raping gay males in a new way these days (smh)

the whole story is a wtf.
so the following is for the foxes and hybrids out there.

Watch out with the type of lube someone uses on you

you read right.
it’s not the lube itself,
but the drug being used in the lube for the hyenas to rape you with.
a foxholer sent me this story from “buzzfeed news” and well…

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you’re too young to have grindr, baby

¬†parents need to always know what they’re cubs are doing.
i know it’s hard.
i was good at getting around my parent’s rules.
i was cyber-sexin’ all over aim on my parent’s computer.
i was sort of a horny young slut.
now that we live in such an advanced social media age,
there are some real sick perverts roaming these digital forests.
^that one up top is a grreat example.
instead of setting a better example due to his job,
he decided he wanted to become “the example” instead.
this is what a foxholer sent me from “the post”
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