I Only Pick Pretty Flowers In The Garden

we are all picky.
everyone says:

“looks shouldn’t matter”

…is lying like shit.
well i’m not about to speak for everyone.
looks matter to me.
the wolves i’m attracted to matter to me.

i don’t want to roll over in the middle of the night and be terrified.
i also don’t wan’t to settle because i’m “lonely”.
those who persuade you to settle are trying to fuck you.
am i wrong?
i was having a chat with karaoke today and i said…
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Picky (Me)

tumblr_likp8itB881qb03ezo1_500they say you are “too picky”.
you listen.
they say you want something that doesn’t exist.
you listen.
they say you need to settle.
you listen.
so then you look in the mirror and wonder…

Is this why I’m single?

well you listened.
is it because you aren’t involved in the “hook up culture”?
you listened.
should i be on hook up sites sleeping with every “dick” or “in hairy”?
you listened.
so then you are forced to look around at everyone else.

the jackal is getting with the wolf you want.
the ratchet that has them climbing down her walls.
the common folks are doing more datin’ and fuckin’…

…and then you realized this is why you are single.
you aren’t like everyone else.
why is that such a problem?
when did “being different” become the worst thing in the world?
well i want you to remember something when you decide to listen to an idiot…
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