New Year; New Me!… For A Week Until Back To Normal

tumblr_mji6cg7YZ31qd9jlto1_1280-650x433so its 2015.
a year that has everyone is “new year; new me!”.
whenever any new year rolls around,
everyone wants to start getting rid of baggage.
we mentally start packing the things we created for ourselves.
things we vowed we would stop doing as we put them in an emotional u-haul.

  that ex we are still addicted to
those cakes and cookies that gave us those love handles
 the cigarettes that keep us sane when we are stressed
those random one nighters that leave our holes sore in the morning

the problem for most of us is that somewhere down the line,
we always revert back to unpacking the mess.
we simply put them away without really getting rid of them.
we are like hoarders for bad habits.
since today is the first day of the new year,
i had to wonder…

Are we kidding ourselves with new years resolutions?..
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