Songzbird Wants To Dive In And Backstroke In that Pussy (New Video Ahead)

it’s me, songzbird, again.
i’m making another video.
don’t act surprised….

what happened to hail mary, trey?
i didn’t really like that one after i heard the full preview to be honest.
so songzbird is going back to his “let me go bananas in that pussy” roots.
this time, it’s for the song “dive in” which reminds me a lot of “neighbors know my name“.

a fox managed to smuggle some behind the scenes footage from the set for ya…

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“…I ain’t afraid of the sweat but yet
I bet you got the techniques to freak a Fox inside out
What’s that all about?
Can I have some of that?
You got to put me on
Word around town
is your nine men strong
I wanna be put on in tha worst way since
the first day I think it was a Thursday.
You be that nigga that I wanna sink my teeth in
Make me wanna ask…

Trey, where tha FUCK you been?

I like the way you be with all that personality
but I got flava too you needs to fuck wit me…”

I Wanna B Down (Fox Remix).