f0xmail: A Much Needed Love Letter

love-letters_largeSo Jamari,

I know I am late but my condolences on the loss of “Star Fox”, I lost loved ones and it can be ruff. However I’d like to offer you some words of solace and hopefully they help. While a person may be absent from you physically always remember that as long as you live your life in a way that makes their contribution to your life worth while they never truly die, they simply take a vacation or move away until your time comes and you meet them again.

I lost my mother when I was young and can remember very little of her, but what I do remember is she taught me to pray, and that alone keeps her alive because I never forger to pray. I’ve lost grandparents and cousins and each time something happens and I hear the words they spoke to me or the things they’ve said or offer advice they gave to me in my lowest points….I realize though they physically are no longer here, they are still with me.

So know your friend is with you, and not only you “Star Fox” is with every person who follows your blog and who has read any word of encouragement that you wrote based on something he said to you. In short you are the living legacy of his influence.

In your post you said he encouraged you to be brave

โ€œjamari stop being so scared.
just do it.
have faith.
go with the flow.โ€

So every time you encourage someone to be brave “Star Fox” is there and you have encourage a lot of people through your blog.

He taught you to value your words and what you have to offer…

โ€œthe world needs to know the you i know.
they would love you so much as i do.โ€

So each time you teach someone their value, “Star Fox” is whenever you are honest, brave, insightful, inspiring, courageous or dare to try you are in fact living the way your friend inspired you to live….so take comfort in this….

You haven’t lost your friend, he hasn’t gone anywhere as long as you live, love, stay fabulously dressed, have wonderful experiences, continue to press pass limitations based in fear, depression or anything that he would not approve of….

In short….your friend is alive because you are still here, and he will continue to live because for every word that he has given you that you impart to someone else….he lives…..

So Live….and do it up…..for “Star Fox”