WOLF MEAT: (125)

this is what you call “butter pecan“.

this is what you call “butter pecan without the nutz“…

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What Is Long, Can Be Salty, and You Put It In Your Mouth And Swallow?

not really,
but something better.

you ever had a craving for this?
all someone has to do is mention it and you gotta go get sum?
maybe you got your cravings under control.
i know.
sometimes i get so hungry for it,
that when i do get it,
i can put 2 or 3 in my mouth at one time.
i’m pretty damn frisky.
then, i get super mad when it’s done.

so i had to ask about the 3 below.
3 different flavors.
3 different tastes.
1 makes the cut

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I Wonder What It Is Like To Have A Boner?

“why am i finding foxes more attractive than wolves?
these niggas out here looking filthy,
can’t dress,
and can’t even speak English.
yet, you can find a fox who got a job/career,
his own,
and got some kind of swag.” – a hyena.


how about that same hyena got asked on a date,
and the wolf did not pay for dinner or the movie?

better than me.
number would have been erased when i didn’t see him reach for his credit card.

i’m sorry if that sounds terrible.

i keep telling ya’ll foxes rule the world.
the days when i thought wolves ran the world are over.
next to vixens, we are going out there and making a name for ourselves.
we are getting up early and doing what we need to do.
we are making money and able to afford the luxuries of life.
these lazy ass niggas want to lay up under us.
nigga i ain’t a body pillow.
it seems other foxes, and even the hybrids, are feeling the same.
so i had to ask…

is this why most foxes are attracted to the each other?

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