Suicide Kills

it is such an interesting topic.
one i know all too well because i’ve been at that dead end.
you think you’re killing yourself will free up the world of “you”.
“you” are the problem.
no one cares about you,
or someone hurt you,
so it’s best you end it all.
they will see your lifeless body,
shed a few tears,
and throw you in the ground.
everyone will move on and that will be that.
it’s a lot more than that.
i started to understand the trail it leaves behind recently…

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Man Kills Wife and Posts Picture On Facebook. I Cannot.

murder9n-7-webthis just fucked me all up.
the man on the left,
derek medina,
killed his wife and then posted the picture on his facebook.
i have no words.
below is the picture of her dead body.
if you have a weak stomach,
please bypass this entry…

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