I Need A Massage

tumblr_mr40dwbLY31qjl96uo1_500…like seriously.
he would be jusssssssstttttttt right for that massage.
i’d need him to go all over tho.

you know what i mean.

lowkey: i use to love seeing “i need a massage” on various baller wolves tl.
that generally meant “SOS for new pussy”.

*picture credited to owner

I Want Devale Ellis To Run Right Into My Bedroom

he is married with a kid.
i can dream, can’t i?
so i posted about him way back in the day.


a little on devale.
he was signed to the detriot lions in 2006 and became a free agent.
now, he is just free.
free and working on that fitness hustle with his company, Eliteprototypeathletics.com.

he has a work out video….
on youtube….
that made me realize how much i’d low key give him all that i got…

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Premium Meat Of The Minute: Devale Ellis

I was over at Hoodsworld and caught this fine Wolf in his latest updates.
Devale unfortunately left Hood and made his way over here…

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