bobby shmurda, bundles, beds, and the possibility of balls?

all i got was ^this and a dm saying:


i love when ya’ll send me shit in dramatic.
it looks like bobby shmurda using someone’s bundles as a pillow.
when i focused all the way…

so i get on twitter and saw this…

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fivio foreign bm claims he cried for penis when they’d smash?

when two straights break up,
i find all the juicy tea comes a-pourin’.
vixens will sit up here,
turn the other cheek,
and reveal all when they are finally “done”.

I use to clap his cheeks with a strap-on and he’d call me Daddy.
I didn’t think anything of it because I loved him,
ya know?”

you’ll be surprised what vixens “put up with” when they love a wolf.
its like gays putting up with dl males and revealing all after.
ny rapping wolf,
fivio foreign

and my fav song of his:

…allegedly exposed by his baby mama.
she claims he is allegedly gay and some other wild revelations

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it seems like ricky martin’s nephew might be lying with these accusations

we can’t choose our family members.
my mother’s dying wish was for my sister and me not to get separated.
i took a lot of abuse from some family members,
 attacked by her guardian at the time,
and got gaslit as they spent all the money our mother left her.
when she told me how she was being hurt by family members,
i worked my ass off to have her live with me in new yawk.
she repaid me by trying to ruin my reputation,
nearly making me homeless,
and psychically attacking me in my crib.
my sister suffers from mental issues that she refuses to get help for.
we are currently estranged but i hope she is doing better.
ricky martin’s nephew,
dennis yadel sanchez,
seems to have similar traits as my sister.
according to ricky martin’s brother,
all of the incest/domestic violence accusations might be fake.
per daily mail

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the white gays don’t gaf about brittney griner?

first and foremost…
i want to font that basketball baller vixen,
britteny griner,
is responsible for her doom atm.

why she bought weed in russia is beyond me atm.
( x see more here )
not only that,
that country is not gay-friendly at all.
with all those things,
i feel like common sense should have been a factor.
americans love not playing by other countries’ rules and i don’t know why.
i saw this tweet on twitter asking us to put our feet in her sneakers:

…and i totally get that part too.
i saw this response:

i keep fonting this opinion as a black gay male…

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he had me vex asking who the homo was in the room


Something happened yesterday and it’s bothering me…

…and i wanted to get the fohxole’s opinion.
so i was playing ps4 with one of my straight wolves yesterday.
we get in a match and this random needed help with a challenge.
he sent my friend a message from his screen name.
we helped him and after we left,
the random wanted to join us to play.
my straight wolf friend is a nice one and said “sure“.
we played a few matches with this person but they couldn’t hear us.
we were in a party chat talking and shooting the shit.
i decided,
and this was my bad,
to invite them into our party chat.
that was probably where i fucked up.
when he comes in,
i could tell he was gay.
i was happy it wasn’t a 13-year-old.
we’re not into the first game of him in the party chat and he gonna ask

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