This Turned Me On More Than Any Dude I Seen Recently

tumblr_lpryyfWCr41r02jqco1_500isn’t it so pretty?
i could see it laying between me.
running my hands all over it.
i’m horny.
this makes me harder than any man could ever.
sadly once it’s gone,
like a good dude you didn’t treat good,
you’ll miss it.

giphythe places it took you.
the things it bought you.
it’ll be back soon.

lowkey: look at pictures of it.
appreciate it.
love it.
look at places you want it to take you.
things it will buy.
how it will expand your life.
attract it.

Rihanna Fashion Show LIVE

who knew rihanna was a fashion designer?

she is putting her feet in everything.
are we mad?
well she had her very first fashion show for river island today…

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