so i indulged in harlem on amazon prime and well…

i love shows that revitalize my sense of purpose.
we all need a boost from our current circumstances.
even though the shows are fiction,
we often see what we want in life through the lens of a tv show.
all the white vixens moved to new yawk to experience that “sex and the city” lifestyle.
i worked with white girls that piled in a one-bedroom to live their best hoe life because of that show.

harlem on amazon prime did that for me over the weekend.
it was created by tracy oliver who was a writer on one of my favorite “black girl friendship” movies,
girls trip“.
the show was also executive produced by pharrell williams and amy poehler.
i saw the trailer a week ago:

…and i was sold when i saw my childhood crush,
meagan good.
after watching it in one sitting until 4 am on saturday…

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