foXXX: The Neighbors Know His Whole Name?

inflatable_dollwhat is “damn he tore my shit up” mean to people?
ever so often,
we meet a wolf who is cocky in the bed.
we beggin for mercy and can’t stop moaning.
the neighbors know his first,
and parent’s name.
what would you think of a wolf if had someone hollering like this…
and a link that isn’t for straight eyes)…
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foXXX: “You Want Me To ___ In That _____? Huh?”

WHOWANTSSOMEyesterday was a quiet day so i thought id treat everyone to a snack before bed.
not for nothing,
but this foxxx “getting smashed by a pretty boy” did it for me tho.
well the lack of a condom was a turn off,
but if the fox and wolf want to be stupid then go right ahead.
the wolf’s voice and the growling tho>>>>
i lost it.
nothing better than some d/l pipe to get you right?
safe of course.
the following is nsfw,
and “not for straight eyes”
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foXXX: “Yes Baby! Yes! I Lov-Uh-ike You!”

largea good wolf is always hard when found.
that doesn’t mean he will know your body,
what turns you on,
and what makes you moan like you have no common sense.
you know good sex when you find yourself about to scream “I LOVE YOU!”.
gotta catch yourself tho.
i saw this foxxx and i had to post it.
this is what a good smash with a fine wolf looks like.
of course this is nsfw,
and “not for the straight eyes”

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foXXX: The Gym Rat Works Out In A Few Foxholes

tumblr_mtcao85DxQ1qe8nc8o1_1280i always wondered how gym rats were in the sack?
especially the @attentionwhores of social media.
they always like to show off these nice muscles on instagram or twitter,
working out in vine videos,
but do they really work you out in the bed?
i always imagined them flexin’ a muscle in the mirror while poundin’ you out.
ya know something corny.
well this gym rat here (nsfw and 18^)…

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