UPDATED: The Way Your Fox Swag Drips…

Do you have Fox Swag?

Just a simple question.
Don’t scrunch your face up and get all sick about it.

Fox Swag, imo, is a mixture of a lot of things.
Fox Swag is confidence, first and foremost.
But Fox Swag is taking an outfit and wearing it, rather than it wearing you.
Fox Swag is also that “something” about you that is unexplainable.

Fox Swag also makes everyone desperately COPY YOU.
From how you act, how you dress, or your flawless attitude and personality.

All Foxes have swag.
That is a MUST.
This is what makes us different from the Jackals and Hyenas.
Fox Swag  lets the Jackals and Hyenas know to watch what they say to you.
With that swag, you will use it to whip these Wolves into shape.
By looking at you, they know they need to cum a lot harder.
They have to leave that wack game for the amateurs.
You could be ugly, thin, built, or average.
Masculine, feminine, or in-between.
You know you have Fox Swag by OWNING WHATEVER/WHOMEVER YOU DO.

Here is another quick lesson…

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