Fluffy-Vanilla-Cake-e1338121534426who wants a helpin’ of vanilla cakes?
well this is one from what appears to be a (pre)baller wolf
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His Hips Don’t Lie (Ask The Wolves)

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 7.11.41 PMeveryone meet micah.
he is an aspiring r&b singer/songwriter.
he is also an exxotical as well.
light skin.
green eyes.
i almost forgot!
┬áhe has another feature i’m sure will make him competition for the foxes…
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Rob Kardashian Is A Brick House

335221-svetik^rob kardashian is a brick house.
oh wait!
wrong picture.
that is a picture from my vision board of cribs i’d like to live in.
naw this is the latest picture of rob kardashian,
headed to italy for that wedding “thing”…

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TerRio Takes A Bath

Ba2_Y9_IcAAn7xDya know whats crazy?
i was JUST talkin about terrio last night.
all this time i thought he was some 45 year old midget.
i did not know that boy was like 6 or 7.
now i love me some terrio,
and i’ve used “ooooooooh! killem!” a few times,
but this here (hence the picture)…
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Attention Whores, Torpedo Tits, and Fashionista Boy Toys

kim-kardashian-bikini-6all the @attentionwhores must slowly come to an end.
the “swagg” comes to an end,
the fucks are lost in the mail,
and they become “the use to be” real fast.
when you are a slave to social media,
you always have to keep up appearances.
so kim kardashain has blown up!
she brought her new torpedo tits to paris to join yeezus at givenchy’s show.
what happened to the vixen above?…
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