Foxhole Book Club: No More Mr. Nice Guy (Chapter 4)

nomoremrniceguy-620x350-620x350-1so it’s thursday,
so you know what that means?
another juicy self-helping of “no more mr. nice guy”.
i really enjoyed this chapter.
it is titled:

“make your needs a priority”

a topic i have struggled with all my life.
i have put many others before me.
some appreciate and are still around.
others i end up feeling drained when it wasn’t returned.
the last was work wolf.
he froze me out and it still stings,
but it has gotten me to start finding the strength within me.
so i should really be thanking him.
he was in my life for a “reason”.
this chapter forced me to take a step back.
i was damn near in tears at the end of the chapter.
these are my answers to the “break free” activities
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